Cuetzpalin Forms Picture

This is a drawing from my latest sketchbook depicting the three inhuman forms that William Mattoni, the protagonist of the CUETZPALIN Mythos, has been able to transform into, from 2008 to 2019 (respectively, 4908 to 4909 years after the Topakar Revolution, and 3666 to 3677 after the destruction of Topakhon Mobile, this is the time in which the main story of the CUETZPALIN Mythos takes place).

The first became widely known as "Cuetzpalin Paynal", as he was thought by the Tepec and Huacastec tribes of the Rondon Isle to be the messenger of Huitzopoca, the Ancient war god, who would save them from the harsh conditions their people were living after centuries resisting against assimilation and violent appropriation by foreigner landlords that aren't just supported, but also control most of the interests behind the United Nations. Between 2008 and 2010, William has been a host to the Tonalcoatl (a pineal-gland-like structure the reptilian kind of the Cuetzpalin possess, that guards their memories and personality) of Mexica Tlatoani Moctezuma Xocoyotzin, the same who ruled the Mexica and fought against the Spanish on the fall of Tenochtitlán centuries ago, what granted him power to become a Cuetzpalin, as well of possessing Moctezuma's power, which was super-human speed. A second chance in life has been given to Moctezuma, who wanted William to avenge the Mexica by restablishing the Mexica Confederation and wiping out the colonial administration - even though by 2008, the colonial administration has been legitimated as if it was a native State - but William had other plans, other purposes for his power and freedom, as well his chances in escaping the massive security culture & repression: a convict anarchist motivated by Animal Liberation, William has led several lonely, bloody actions of vengeance against the heads and workers alike of the animal exploitation industry, driving San Brandon, and later, other nations from the continent in an economical and food crisis. He has also destroyed several landlords and politicians, from left and right-wings alike, what has led to an anarchy on the rural areas of the American Continent, besides also participating in massive prison breaks and public riots on the urban scenario. Soon enough, however, his bloodthirsty means, though effective in releasing animals and humans alike from the subjulgation of the State and Great Corporations, were hated even by his closest anarchist allies, and he became a quite hated figure, despite one needed to bring about freedom. What has left him out of scene for a while, exactly nine months (March to December 2012), though, has been the fact that William found out he would lose his humanity if he kept transforming into Cuetzpalin. To prevent that, but still keep some source of super human power to rely on, he stole the Nemontemi Stone from Aztlán - the same stone he once used to free Cipactli and destroy Aztlán itself on 2010 - and use the power of its entity, Xolotl, while in human form.

That power however didn't save him from the wrath of Huo, the greedy Macabraic Elemental Spirit of Earth, and he turned into a Cuetzpalin once again - but this time, as he aged, he had now wings & feathers. This happened in 21st December 2012. From then, unable to return to human society (that would happen anyway because his human form had already been jailed and escaped prison, and was then a persecuted outlaw), he would seek to continue his fight against those who exploited the planet and profited from it, such as Macabraic Spirit of Fire, Lapolakh, & that of Metal, Moloch. In that time, he's been approached by Cipactli's kind, the Huehueyolcatl, besides other allies of theirs, such as nahual magicians Matos and Hunahpu, who wanted him to fight off the Macabraics and release the remaining Huehueyolcatl. During that time (2013 to 2015) he became known as Cuetzpalin Nagual. In early 2015, he found out Moctezuma Xocoyotzin's Tonalcoatl, and using it again became able to return to his seemingly long lost human form (he was two years and two months without a human form). On the next year, he would be made a Mandragoreus, and from that his Cuetzpalin form would eventually evolve into a Jungle Cuetzpalin, as, covered by a mandragora, he became able to wake Natural Entities (such as Huaca, Quinametzin, Leshy and Jentilak), what he eventually did to destroy the civilization of Tredius alongside his water Vovin ally, Typhon. For that time, he became widely known as Quetzalcoatl.
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