Orion's Belt Picture

As constellations go there's one I especially know.
It's twinkling brightness shines off the new fallen snow.

In the cold dead of winter's night one, two, three stars come into sight,
and his sword swings from his mighty belt in the sky's shimmering height.

The mighty hunter with his club raised tall and his bow drawn down on creatures great and small.
He marches across the horizon view, fearing no evil he brags and boasts and smites them all.

A star for a head and one for each stout leg as he wines and dines and drinks from the keg.
The last two stars form the shoulders broad of a proud fierce warrior with no need to beg.

Orion the hunter my constellation of choice - he guides my way and helps me find my voice.
He lights a path on the trail of my quarry and brings me back safe with friends to rejoice.

A triple play here - photo, illustration, and prose all in one. I did this for kenthayle's [link] myth art contest. I'm getting close to the deadline thought, so hope I'm not too late for it
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