Feng Fenghuang is Pheonix Picture

This is one of the character designs of the new comic I'm in the process of doing.
Thousands of years ago, those we call mythical creatures walked on the Earth, living in peace with mankind. But mankind grew. It's population began to overwhelm that of the beasts it shared it's planet with. As mans population grew larger, they also grew greedier. Man began to hunt the creatures until there were no more than a handful of each left. Finally, the Phoenix gathered the creatures together and said to them: "We used to live in peace with mankind, but now they have betrayed the sacred bond we once held with them. From this day forward, our kind and theirs are enemies. We shall do all within our power to make sure man feels the pain that we have felt." From then on, a team was formed on Earth. A team of Beasts whose destiny it was to disrupt and upset the lives of the humans who had hunted the Beasts to all but extinction.

I was born slightly different then most other Chinese Phoenixes, as I resemble the Western version of the Phoenix. The reason for this is completely unknown to me. My twin brother is Chilong, the Dragon and Hunter is probably my best friend. I'm outgoing and I love food.

My name is Fèng or 鳳凰, in Chinese , though I am a girl. Fenghuang are mythological birds of East Asia that reign over all other birds. The males are called Feng and the females Huang. In modern times, however, such a distinction of gender is often no longer made and the Feng and Huang are blurred into a single feminine entity so that the bird can be paired with the Chinese dragon, which has male connotations, as he is my brother.

The Fenghuang is also called the "August Rooster" (Chinese: 鶤雞; pinyin: kūnjī) since it sometimes takes the place of the Rooster in the Chinese Zodiac. In the West, it is commonly referred to as the Chinese phoenix or simply Phoenix. Fenghuang Ancient City is an ancient community in Hunan Province.

However, the Fenghuang have no connection with the phoenix, which derives from Egyptian mythology. Peculiarly, the Egyptian phoenix may also in part reference a prehistoric bird, the Bennu Heron. Unlike the Fenghuang, which is a chimera not very much like any one extant bird, the Egyptian phoenix is most often considered similar to a heron or eagle.

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