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Tale of the Lady of the moon and the werewolf
Chapter V: A shade in a peaceful background

Suddenly the spirit hears a howl of a wolf coming out from the mountain. She quickly runs, following the sound. Everything seems silent and the trees seem to move by themselves while there’s no wind to shake their leaves. The sky was now normal. The dark blue covered the once violent atmosphere of the forest.

The spirit kept running through shrubs and trees while bit of her dress started to be torn apart by the branches.
Soon enough she was climbing the mountain. Carefully she avoided any rocks that could be stepped by her. The moon light was strong at that place. She never felt such radiant feeling. It was as the light from the moon washed her heart of all her worries.
She felt like flying for some time and in no time she was at the top of the mountain. She watched for grey furred animals, more likely, wolves, but none was to be found. She then tried to relax and started to look at the background, the beautiful moonlit background of trees and mountains. By the horizon a town was unlighted by yellow artificial lights relaxing the spirit, as the humans were far away from her forest. Then a branch cracked deep in the darkness of the forest, the spirit got scared and stepped on a rock falling down the mountain.


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For those who didn't read my journal:

This tale happens in Romania. More specificably in Suceava And some of it's content has to do with Romanian culture and mythology. Of course some other stuff is pure imagination as I do not know if there's a forest near Suceava and all that but has Romania is well known for it's stories about vampires and werewolves I thought it was the best place for this story.

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