Idlewood Forest - Application - Clouse Picture

"Anyone up for a 2k?"

Name: Clouse Rhein
Gender: Male
Birthday/ Age: July 12 / 18
Species: Leviathan
Personality: Quirky

He was considered the oddball of his family due to his choice of sport. The immense time he spent studying and training left him with a few quirks. He can be very outgoing and times, but can become shy at the drop of a hat depending on the subject. If anyone complains of leg pain from exercise, he usually tells them to suck it up because rowing causes more pain than they will ever feel on leg day. He, by no means is, a total jock. He lacks confidence in various areas of athletics; specifically running and football. He also has odd obessions that go up and down every now and then; his latest having a fascination with mythology.


Clouse, being the sea serpent he is, has always had an affinity for the water. Unlike the rest of his family, he pursued rowing instead of swimming. He felt rowing was a much better release for him than swimming and despite much presure from his family, he became a competitive rower in high school and college. His brothers often teased him about this, his father adding in sometimes too, and his youngest sister was his only encouragement. Because of this, he often left the house to go to the lake where he practiced to relax. One of these nights, his sister joined him. She handed him an envelope that had apparently come in the mail a few days beforehand. He opened it and a letter with a few acorns fell out. He read it aloud and thought to himself that it might be a good place to go. He grabbed his sister by the hand and said he had to go pack. He hoped they had some good places to row there.


Catchphrase: "Power 10!"

-His last name is a river in Germany
-He speaks fluent German
-He studies runes
-He has a massive sweet tooth
-His feet are webbed and can make his hands webbed at will

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