The Evolutionary Picture

i got the idea for this character from the game Shadowrun. He live a reality were magic and technology work together and where mythological creatures still live. he is live a mad sientist, but he still helps people (good and bad)

The Evolutionary

Real Name: Anton Moreau
Aliases: Bio-Wizard
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Geneticist, Sorcerer
Secret Occupation: Archaeologist
Citizenship: U.S.A.
Place of birth: Atlanta, Georgia (alternate earth)
Known Relatives: parents (deceased)
Type: magical/mutant
Bases of Operations: China, England, Egypt, Japan, and USA (alternate earth)

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Height: 5’7”
Other features: age suppressing factor, Fast healing ability, long pointed ears like elf (he is part elf)
Weight: 180 lbs

Agility: Enhanced human Speed: Enhanced human
Durability: Superhuman Stamina: Metahuman
Intelligence: Super-genius Strength: Enhanced human
Reflexes. Enhanced human

Martial art skills:
Karate Ninijitsu
Kung Fu

Martial art moves:
Back flip kick Energy reflection Wall spring
Cannon drill hundred hand slap Zen no mind
Dragon punch Hurricane kick

Astral projection Immortality Psi-screen
Detection (M/S) Life drain Psychic blast
Hyper linguistics Magic Telekinesis
Illusions Mind control Telepathy

Acrobatics Escape artist Occult
Archaeology Espionage Photo memory
Architecture Genetics Physics
Biology History Psychiatry
Chemistry Lore Sociology
Computers Martial arts Super-Physiology
Criminology Medicine Tracking
Disguise Mythology Weapons

Agony Horrific illusion Sickness
Blind Invisibility Sleep
Blinding flash Life drain Speed of snail
Circle of fire Magic net Summon fog
Circe of travel Metamorphosis S & C – Entity
Cloud of smoke Minor curse S & C – Rodents
Control Canine Negate magic Teleport
Dragon breath Phobia Time hole
Fear Poison/Toxin Time slip
Hallucination Protection circle transformation

if any one has time please help me make this character look more realistic. i could not add the dragon wings to the back of the armor. Beside and below him is his weapons. he focus his magic and powers though the crystal weapons

these are the missing details i could not do:
arm and legs are gold looking
the gauntlets boots and armor is red
the neck part is yellow
outer part of the helmet is res
inner part is yellow
the back of the armor is surpose to have metal dragon wing coming out the back

the armor is a combination of iron man's armor and the armor of the high evolutionary from marvel comicsjuet with a diffent helmet
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