God of the Shadow Realm Picture

Last for today >3 since I got a scanner home I should make use of it XD

This is Raven, God of Shadows or Shadow Realm, and one of the ways he shows himself to the 'visitors'. Neck of his coat is decorated with ravens' feathers (Ravens in slavic mythology have many functions of crows in germanic/celtic - In translation the title of 'The Crow' was 'Raven' in Poland).

Raven is in some ways an extremely powerful god, in others not. His realm is an universe of neverending desert in which's heart the old gnarled tree is. Shadow Realm is a place that connects in many places with 'normal' world, so, if you have Raven's permission, then through his realm you may cross in a few minutes distance that would take you many days in normal world. Dimensions and time are something that behaves there strangely. Oh yes, in his own world Raven is almost almighty - there's only one person who can do with him whatever she likes - his soul's sister, Tara.

But Raven becomes bored sometimes, and crosses over to the normal world, just to mess with a few people ;* like Naserti and the likes. He has his one and only lover, an elf called Shtra (which means 'one, only, one of its kind, the best from something', no pun intended.) I think Shtra is called that in honor to Tara ;3 since she used this particular word when telling Raven about him.

Well, I just like his wicked sense of humor, his boredom induced games, Shtra's and his son Khrainorne ('Foolish Star' or 'Star of Fools', the language needs tweaking XD), the fact he employs high vampire Moira to do his bidding... He's just... himself (althou I do plan on seeing how exactly he developed his character from who he used to be to who he is now >3).
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