The Land of Poppies and Myrrh Picture

Mary: Begin rant about LOPAM and it's creation

So being the Homestuck nerd I am, I decided to create my own land for a possible fansession. I know I've already posted a drawing which had a mini version of my old one (Land of Pine and Castles), but that Narnia ripoff didn't seem like it would suit the Page of Heart.

I ended up taking the Land Test (made by to get the general mood of my land and my quest. According to my results, my land would have a rather mellow feel to it; it wouldn't be jaw-dropping gorgeous nor incredibly dangerous (if you don't count the imps and ogres running around). My quest would be to restore something missing from the land.

From what I've seen, the general Heart players tend to have lands with somewhat romantic or cute themes (not counting Dirk, as his session was inert and his planet was made to fit that theme). I figured choosing a flower would fit the bill. As I am probably the most likely to die first in the session, being a Page sort of sucks in the beginning, I thought that a flower associated with dying might be nice. Poppies were a perfect fit. My quest, returning what has gone missing, reminded me of Persephone's tale (I am also a huge Greek Mythology nerd). As a Greek Mythology buff, when I decided poppies were going to be in my land name I felt compelled to add yet another symbol of Demeter to the title; Myrrh. I had originally planned of naming the planet 'Land of Fragrance and Poppies' but the acronym turned out to be rather... Unfortunate.

The terrain of LOPAM is made up of relatively flat meadows and small streams. Despite being COVERED in poppies, the inhabitants of the land have trouble finding edible food (poppie seeds can only go so far). There's almost always a light gust of Myrrh scented wind blowing. The Land of Poppies and Myrrh seems to be in perpetual dusk. LOPAM's consorts are small lizards. They're docile, but they scare very easily and tend to run away from any different species. All in all the Land of Poppies and Myrrh is a lonely place, save for the enemies lurking about.
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