Light Family Hand-Sketch Picture

Colored computer painting of the kids found here: [link]

This is the sketchbook drawings I did of all the members of the Light Family that I finally uploaded! No references were used at all and its purely from my experimentation with depicting different faces and features all realistically. The computer painting with a base that I had used shows the colors of them nicely I find, but this sketch that I did shows their TRUE facial appearance better than any base could.

Since I did a general down and dirty description of them in the other picture I'm going to put down a personalities description for this one. :3

Light Family Members Personality:

The Children:

Uriel Talin Denovan: Is solid and serious, not fond of idle chit-chat. He's the eldest of the children and had to help raise the others and looked upon as the "role-model child" by his parents, so that helped him to become a very responsible conscientious and rule-keeping person. He's not exueberant nor as free with his emotions and smiles as some other brothers, and can seem a little too down and solemn for some people's liking. If he does brotherly pranks its more on Zadkiel, or Raguel and Raziel, those that are nearest to him in age. Very bookish and book-minded for all that he has a football player's build and rather athletic. Military strategist.
Often described as a serious 'only-going-to-say-it-ONCE-so-you-better-listen' archangel to deal with. Is the Archangel of Wisdom and Ideas.
Nicknames: Urie, Uri.

Zadkiel Tarakof Denovan: Is serious and focused but not as solemn as Uriel is. Often has strong opinions that he rarely shows nor voices, and liking to tease his younger brothers but doesn't do pranks so much. Has a close relationship with Uriel. Can be quirky at times and often described as intense in relationships.
Often described as an intense but soothing archangel to deal with. Is the Archangel of Invocation and Transformation.
Nicknames: Zad, Zazzy, Zazzles (the latter only by those wanting to majorly tease him, or by his mother xD).

Raguel Shirlaq Denovan: VERY upbeat and friendly and sociable and curious and inquisitive. He's a happy-go-lucky guy that loves to make people laugh and be happy as well. A good friend to have for he'll brighten up your day and make you feel good about things no matter what. Cheerful and optimistic and very people-focused. Great sense of humor. Can do pranks but mostly prefers to make people laugh with jokes and comedy acts.
Said to be a kind friendly archangel to deal with. Is the Archangel of Harmony and Relationships.
Nicknames: Raggy, Raggi.

Raziel Shimbagua Denovan: Is very quiet and solemn and can seem emotionless at times. Very rarely offers an opinion but when he does he's listened to. Private and reclusive, he values his own alone time. Deep with many layers and sides to him he rarely shows much more than his guarded face to others unless he trusts you and is willing to let you in. Very observant and studious, and knows everybody's secrets from simply being a good listener and unobtrusive while listening.
Is said to be a confusing, mysterious, and sometimes tricky archangel to deal with. Is the Archangel of Secrets, Alchemy, and Magic.
Nicknames: Razzy, Raz.

Azrael Vontille Denovan: Is generally quiet and preferring to observe than participate. But can be silly and funny and is very kind and compassionate and gentle to others, and quiet-lover to those he loves and cares about. Can be friendly and welcoming as well and a deep true loyal devoted friend to those he cares about. Someone you can trust your life with and trust to help you in need. Gentle and loving and protective of children. VERY VERY OCD about cleaning and cleanliness, and can be seen muttering "dirty dirty oh so dirty!!" while getting the floor and clothes and surroundings perfectly clean and dust-free and pressed and folded in JUST the right way (seems to actually enjoy the act of cleaning so that works out well for him xD).
Is described as a comforting, caring, compassionate, and gentle archangel to deal with. Is the Archangel of Death and Departed Souls. Also the Arch-Reaper and Grim Reaper.

Chamuel Tatille Denovan: Very funny and playful and silly and one of the "troublesome foursome" of the brothers. Fond of pranks and loving of hugs both given and recieved. Loving of physical affection as well. The "womanizer" and flirter of the group with Jeremiel and Zadkiel and Michael all following. Can also be kind and compassionate as well and a good friend to talk to when one wants an understanding kind ear. Interesting quirk in that he is VERY hard to awaken when asleep by even wakeflower (VERY foul-smelling scent that wakes up the near-dead) but will instantly and violently awaken at the scent of lavender and blindly lash out at those unfortunates to be near him at such time and place.
Is described as a soothing, calming, and gentle archangel to deal with. Is the Archangel of Peace and Calmness.
Nicknames: Chammy, Cham.

Saphirlia Deloí Denovan: Is a strong-willed and kind caring woman. Reserved with those she doesn't know but very funny and silly and truly kind and generous with those she cares about. Open and friendly and helpful with a gentle and very quirky sense of humor and fond of physical affection with family and friends. Very artsy and bookish but can hold her own with her rambunctious brothers. A dedicated daydreamer and lover of her inner world of dreams, is willing to talk about them to a curious ear. VERY enthusiastic and loving person, is intensely devoted to those she cares about.
Is described as a slightly reserved (as in always holding part of her back away from veiw), yet very friendly and kind person to deal with. Is the Queen of Light and Dream.
Nicknames: Sapphy, Sapphira, Sapph.

Jeremiel Zankaf Denovan: Is one of the three main troublemakers and mischief-lovers. Very honest and quirky and silly. An open friendly and fun-loving guy that can be innocent and shy at times. Is more mature and serious in his duties and loves to let loose with his family and friends (actually ALL of the Family are that way; serious and dedicated and responsible/conscientious with their duties and responsibilities and sillier and letting loose with eachother and their friends). Can be a flirt but also is devoted once he gets into a relationship.
Is said to be a mysterious and yet comforting archangel to deal with. Is the Archangel of Prophecy and Emotional Healing.
Nicknames: Jerry, Jer.

Michael Draskovf Denovan: VERY silly and cute and funny and playful person. He LOVES pranks and is second only to Gabriel in his devotion to the art of pranking and joking. Very pervy-minded and unbothered by body shame (as in to himself, he has no shame and can go without clothes if he wanted to XD) and VERY boisterous and rambunctious and active of the brothers. Very physically affectionate as well and enthusiastic and free with his emotions. Very open friendly, and lovable, and a loyal and true friend to have since he has no ill intents towards anyone (except for those who mess with his friends and family, those that he cares about).
Often described as a cheerful talkative and easy archangel to get along with, one who never fails to make you smile when you are in his presence. Is the Archangel of Protection and Courage.
Nicknames: Mike, Mikie.

Gabriel Razkovf Denovan: VERY VERY cute and mischievious and playful in all he does. While Jeremiel and Chamuel have to rely on running to get away from pranks gone bad, Gabriel and Michael use their well-developed cuteness to get out of trouble, and Gabriel is the undisputed master of cuteness and prank-making (a very dangerous combination wouldn't you say? xD). VERY Open and friendly and loveable, and downright irressistable at times and he knows it and takes advantage of it when he needs too. Has no true ill intents (for his pranks are done all in good fun) except towards those who messed with his friends and family and those he cares about. Enthusiastic and cannot tell a lie without his face giving his true feelings away.
You will not meet a more talkative archangel than him and Michael, nor more friendly and encouraging ones (perhaps that's why they feature more in Angel mythology than the others? xD). Is the Archangel of Communication and Resurrection. (And I have a running joke that the phrase "have the gift of gab" originally came from Gabriel since he is VERY talkative, and for talkative people they would have been born with "the gift of Gab(riel)" there.
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