First Leader- Concept characte Picture

Okay, this system seriously annoys me now.

Anyway, this is concept art for another character of mine from my fantasy trilogy. She is called First Leader. She is from a race of people called Beast Shifters. They have a specific totem animal and can change into it, whether it be real or "mythological," like a dragon or something. Their culture and physical looks are mostly based off the Native American tribes found in the Northeastern United States and on the Great Plains.

The first Beast Shifter was a man called First Ancestor, who was created by the Great Spirit. He also had a mate called Second Ancestor. First Ancestor's animal was the fabled Thunderbird, an animal that became sacred in Beast Shifter mythology. He had black-blue hair and blue eyes. He also had a blue stone pendant, a gift from the Great Spirit. Before he passed on to become the brightest star in the sky and join the Great Spirit, he needed to choose an heir. Many thought he would choose a direct descendant (one of his sons), but instead he chose a young woman, and gave her the pendant as a sign of her authority. "The pendant," he told her, "chooses a leader for what is in their heart. Just like me." He winked, and then flew into the sky to join his mate and the Great Spirit. The girl then became known as First Leader, heir to the ruling legacy of First Ancestor, not because of bloodlines or politics, but because her heart was in the right place.

And that's the legend from my books. A note on Beast Shifter politics: the blue pendant is used as a symbol of authority (he/she who has the pendant is considered the rightful ruler). Dynasties mean nothing Beast Shifters, as they think bloodline is a silly thing to base rulership on; they're all about capability. They are also a mostly matriarchal society, though there have been a few male rulers since first leader. Chiefs rule until they die, and then the pendant, in a special ceremony, chooses the next leader. Some rules can last through families for a few generations, but that's pretty rare. If a child is born with the same blue hair or eyes as First Ancestor, then they are often considered the rightful heirs to the leadership.

This is the basic female leader outfit before the Great Genocide: deerskin shirt and deerskin skirt-wrap with a woven shawl. The tattoo she has shows her connection to First Ancestor. Though the materials and certain style elements (like hair styles) change over the years (becoming more elaborate at times), the overall idea stays the same.

Art, concept and character (c) me.
Materials used: #2 pencil and the back of my anatomy spiral notebook
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