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Decided for him to be an UTAU. =w= His voicebank probably won't come up for a while because I'm lazy. Most likely I'll just use flags to make his voice, which is okay to.

Name: Toru.
Age: He doesn't remember.
Height: 5"1.
Weight: 130 lbs.
Gender: Male.
Favorite colors: Red, orange, and black.
Favorite food: Pig's blood sausage. (yes this is an actual food.)
Powers: Can transform into a chupacabra, talking to animals, has amazing sense of smell and hearing, night vision, can heal himself by drinking blood (the bigger the wound, the more he has to drink. But he cannot replace limbs or heal broken bones.), runs incredibly fast with little fatigue, can easily adapt to temperatures, doesn't get sick easily, massive strength, his blood can heal others when ingested, turns incredibly deadly when near defeat as a last resort.

Likes: Painting, unusual music, speaking in Japanese, being scratched behind his ears, having his belly rubbed, card games, scary animes, yuri, mythology, bow ties, knives, scissors, playing the violin, having a deep voice, sleeping, eating, when he gets treats, playing catch, cats, rubbing his face in carpets to scratch himself, being naked, his friends, being kissed, being in the sun, having a long tongue, video games, horror movies, swing sets, rapping, being carried, chainsaws, hunting, blood, gore, compliments, down grading people in Japanese because people don't understand him, cussing, alcohol, having some alone time, needles.

Dislikes: High-pitched sounds, boy bands, being dressed up, pants, being thought of as cute, having his tail touched, people saying he's a werewolf, being yelled at, working, showing his pet-like tendencies, strangers, having to speak English, chocolate, being fed peanut butter, having a missing fang (it makes it difficult to drink blood quickly), being mistaken for a girl, loosing bets, being asked about how he became a chupacabra/how he lost his finger/how he lost his tooth because he doesn't remember, not remembering most of his life, show-offs, not having things go his way, having his ears tugged, scratching people by accident, people assuming he has a crush, his heavy Japanese accent, being thought of as a murderer, going into "hysteria," showing any type of weakness, water, his walking problems, women, people assuming he's gay.

Basic personality: Easily irritated, hates showing affection, gets flustered when spoken to in English, can be very frightening when angry, usually looks cold and emotionless to people he doesn't know, loyal, rude at times, surprisingly nice, doesn't talk much, mostly hateful, has a good eye for art, surprisingly open-minded, playful, lazy, can be very curious.

Main events in his life:

- Toru was born as a special breed of werewolf, more commonly known as a chupacabra today, but only as an umbrella term. He was a cross between a werewolf and a vampire. He lived in the Aokigahara Forest of Japan.

- He lived in a tribe of ten chupacabras. Two of them being his parents, one of them an elder sister, named Unis, and the others just close friends. He got along well with his father, but not so much with his mother and sister.

- He was always taught in their ways and traditions, the full moon being a symbol of worship, for at that time they were at their most powerful. So the moon was considered a beacon of generous power.

- At the full moon they went through a painful process of transformation and went into a dream-like state, letting the beast inside them take over and run on it's own hunger and instincts. Afterwards they would wake up at dawn, feeling full and delightfully fatigued. Toru liked the feeling of the aftermath, being able to rest in comfort was fine, but he didn't think the pain was worth the relief, so he wasn't very into their traditions.

- The night after their transformation they would cut their palms over a lake and drop blood onto the moon's reflection as thanks, which again, Toru didn't like that much. He did enjoy howling at the sky afterwards, however.

- He witnessed a lot of people committing suicide in that forest, and he never disturbed them, he just watched. He wasn't allowed to interact with humans, because he was told they were awful beasts that kill anything in their path. It made Toru wonder if that included themselves as well, but even so, he did feel a tinge of pity towards them. So he secretly scattered rose petals around the bodies, as his pack would do after an unfortunate death.

- As the years went on, his relationship with Unis got worse and worse. He got into a heated argument with her one day that resulted in him punching her in her left eye. To which her recently acquired mate, Arata, tackled him to the ground and began to beat him mercilessly. The fight was broken up soon after Arata sliced open the bridge of Toru's nose.

- Another year later it was decided that Toru be set up with a mate as well to further grow their pack, which now had twenty seven members. He often called his sister a slut in his head since half the population was her own children since their older members died of old age and accidents.

- An elder chupacabra presented his daughter, who had lost her mate due to her father's disapproval. She was a beautiful girl with long black hair and piercing albino eyes, Toru almost immediately fell head over heels for her, but the girl, Akemi, was not so interested.

- Akemi went along with the packs plans, but secretly she kept up a relationship with her old partner, Nori, who didn't know of their arranged marriage.

- Nori found the couple on their wedding night, and in his outrage, ran up to Toru and challenged him to fight for Akemi's affections. No one objected since this was part of tradition if two men fell for one woman.

- Toru tried his hardest, but was weaker than Nori by a long shot. He ultimately lost, and his injuries were beyond the help of simple blood healing. He had lost his left ring finger, one of his fangs, and broke both of his legs. The last thing he saw of his tribe were his parents sorrowfully walking away from him, and Akemi being held in Nori's arms as Nori stared down at the broken Toru with a devilish smirk. The thing that finally knocked him out was Nori kicking him in the face.

- Toru laid there for days, slowly starving to death and growing ill from cold. He was welcoming death to himself, he felt so useless and he wanted his pain to go away and for himself to disappear. All he could do was whimper pathetically and cry, occasionally sleeping when he could get it in the day, only for the displeasure of finding him to still be alive in the night. He didn't even remember anything that happened to him.

- Then one night he awoke to find a bunch of humans standing around him, but the looked strange. One with blue skin was cleaning his wounds with a strange substance that stung badly, but he didn't have the strength in him to struggle. Another one with metal arms and green hair was cracking his legs back into place, which made him jolt and yelp, and spoke to him in apologetic tones that he couldn't understand. While another with dark clothing and glowing purple eyes fixed his legs so they would stay in place. The last one, with golden hair covered Toru's nude form with a thin blanket, then proceeded to prop Toru's head gently in his lap and let him drink from a canteen of cold water that soothed his dry throat and made his tongue foam since it was so dry. A person with a white square over their eye fed him some dry crackers and cheese and stroked his head afterwards, singing to him in a language he actually did understand, along with the golden haired person, and lulled him to sleep.

- The group pushed him in a strange device with wheels on both sides in the morning to a bustling building, loud with human conversation in many different tongues, including the one he understood. The group had dressed him in a baggy hoodie the hung down to his thighs and went over his wrists to conceal his clawed hands, dark sunglasses, and flip flops, he repeatedly refused to wear pants due to the pain of his tail being forced upwards at the belt, so the group had to compromise and instruct him to hide his tail. He didn't know why he let the strange people do this to him, but he went along with their plans.

- He was put on a plane with the group and flew back to their home in America, where he was given proper clothing. But he wore a skirt due to him still hating pants. The people explained to him in his language that they took a vacation to Japan and found him in the forest, and decided to take him home to help in any way they could. Toru was surprised at their kindness, and decided to assist them from now on in any way they needed.

- He learned how humans went about their days, and was taught how to speak a bit of English. He's still being taught now. Daichii, who he now knew his name, exposed Toru to music of different kinds, and discovered Toru had a knack for singing. Toru himself became an UTAUloid like his other friends, and learned how to play the cello. Toru's personality turned a bit cold after he lost his memory, but he was still a fairly kind person, he just wasn't kind to strangers very often, especially towards women. And on full moons he would still transform, but after an incident of a small killing spree, he would retreat into the woods so he wouldn't hurt anybody but forest animals.

- His beast-like nature also inhibits his attitude when angered, so he can be a bit dangerous at those times. But other than that he's a good friend to the other UTAUs and he hopes to be that way for a while.

Okay, that's Toru!
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