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Okay I have been working on this character since the beginning of last term and I love him so. I realized that I don't have a character like this. So I'm excited to role him out. Plus he's kind of a "plot twist" dun-dun-duh!! I'm not sure about the colors of like his jacket and stuff, but we'll see. I have some sketches of him that hopefully I'll be able to get posted before too long. Anyway enjoy and I hope everything is right on this. I think it is but I'm too tired to tell. Anyway Enjoy!

Basic Information
Name: Ghost
Age: unknown
Species: Haunting Demon :A demon that can impersonate the dead and fake or mimic a haunting usually as a source of food. They seem like a ghost and can impersonate them to a T, but they are in fact actually a demon with human origins.
Abilities: Can change his appearance, some illusionary magic

Academic Information
Level: Beginner
Current Classes: PTS 101, SHD 101
Passed Classes: None
Experience: None

Personal Information
Likes: Food(pizza and hot dogs)

Video games




Dark abandoned places

Hard candy



Anything Halloween related

Dislikes: People who are too sensitive

People who ask too many questions about him

Anyone hurting his brothers

Really hot weather

Non believers of the supernatural

Most religious based stuff



Noisy places and people
Fears: Losing his brothers, Having to watch his brothers suffer again and not be able to do anything about it, being exercised or trapped by more powerful magic

Strengths: Ghost is extremely observant of his surroundings often using videos games and books to hide his observant nature.

He can change his appearance and even alter his voice to mimic those who have passed. So if you have a death signature he can find it and copy it. (as a rule he hates it though)

He has some “necromancy” skills (can see and talk to the dead that’s about it)

He can keep a very level head and doesn’t show a lot of emotion in high pressure situations
Weaknesses: His brothers obviously, exorcisms, certain spells, can easily run out of energy, summoning and séances
Goals: To keep his family together and protected now that they are all together-ish again.

To get strong enough to not feel like dead weight compared to his brothers.

Personality: Ghost has a very even keel personality and isn’t easily excitable. He very rarely shows a lot of emotional change and isn’t much of a talker, but when he does talk he is usually straight to the point and lacks the ability to filter his thoughts. Needless to say he tends to hurt people’s feelings a lot. Even though it’s nearly impossible to see he is very considerate of those around him especially towards his brothers and will do things like leave a dead bird or half eaten mouse on your doorstep as an apology. He also appears slightly lethargic and apathetic, but he puts in the effort necessary to do something he wants. Ghost also tends to get even or be revenge motivated. If he doesn’t want you to touch him he’ll trip you rather then tell you to remove your hands. He is very smart and observant. Not a lot of what goes on around him goes unnoticed. Ghost tends to be more mature then his other brothers even being the youngest out of all of them. He’s very studios and takes his responsibilities seriously.
History: Ghost is the little brother to Erin and Broken. He is actually made from the soul of Erin’s twin brother who died at their birth and the same dark shadow material that served as the base for Broken’s form. For a long time he just wondered around trapped in between life and death. He was unable to pass on because he couldn’t let go of the connection the he and Erin formed while inside their mother. While wondering in that space he met and formed a bond with a cross roads demon (Davi). The demon gave him a solid form made from the same shadow mass that Broken was made out of. He spent most of his time searching for all his brothers; Erin, Broken, Gunner and Wren. Tragically even though he found all of them one at a time he couldn’t reach them and watched as each one of them suffered various cruel fates. Those events gave him a new found determination and passion. He wanted to get strong enough to reach the same plane of existence as them so he could actually contact them and to get all of his brothers together so they would be aware of each other’s existence and protect each other like a family. On his search he found Toxin another brother who is actually a separation of Broken. Eventually he managed to find all his brothers, but he quickly realized that he couldn’t really do anything to protect them. He was younger and less refined then they were and had virtually no experience of any kind outside of the plane between life and death. So he decided that he would follow Broken back to Otherworlde in an attempt to get stronger and learn more.

Misc. Information:

*his blood is black like Brokens, but he can’t control it

*He is the only family member with green eyes, but they do change blue when he’s pissed

*Hides his tail and ears out of a certain self conscious issue

*most common change of form is into a white/grey lady to attract people in for food

*He feeds off energy like Broken, but still needs actual food

*Unlike Broken he can gain energy from things like batteries

* loves cats and dogs

*enjoys curling up on a lap and being petted

*doesn’t let anything interrupt Saturday morning cartoon watching

*loves to read horror stories and mythology

*has a green tongue

Roleplay Information
Chatroom Availability: Not often cause the chatroom hates me TT TT
IM Availability: I have a skpe if your interested
How did you find #OtherWorlde?: Already a member ^_^

Script Sample: Ghost: *stepped out of the shadows of the house. His ears caught the faint sound of people talking. A small smirk graced his lips, the closest thing to an emotion anyone would ever see from him* I love Halloween. All the stupid people come out today. *changing into a woman he stepped through the door determined that tonight would be fun.*

Paragraph Sample: Ghost moved through the halls of Otherworlde not once looking up from the small hand held game that he was playing. Most people who looked at him would never have guessed that he was actually exploring or gain valuable knowledge about his surroundings. Right now his biggest interest was in finding where his classes would be so he would know exactly where to go when they started. He wasn’t too worried about the shadow class since that was Broken’s forte and he could point him in the right direction. Especially since Ghost had learned that talking was one of his elder brothers favorite pass times. Honestly though he couldn’t say he really minded. It was nice to listen to his brother talk knowing that it meant the world to Broken to finally have a family. Ghost sighed and finally brought down his gaming device looking at the ground. Besides it was the least he could do for the years he had watched all his brothers suffer and had done nothing to help.

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