The Likeness Flower Picture

Deep in every True Forest on this planet there is hidden a Likeness Flower. If you ever happen to look at one, you will know right away, because you will see yourself in its face!

Likeness Flowers are guarded by troops of acrobatic creatures called Moolari. They are excellent tumblers and fighters and only reveal themselves to you if you stop and listen to The Likeness Flower's song.

Tabby Cat has gone into this woods just to find The Likeness Flower and hear her song. As the flower finishes, the Moolari spring from their hiding places and The Noble Aerialist (the one in the crown) makes his challenge:

"A flower with a face like yours
Has sung the song she wrote!
A face like yours, it must know mores
Give us all the notes!

If you fail to reply in kind
A trespass you have made
The Likeness Flower does insist
Your song for hers in trade!"

Tabby Cat thought for a moment about the song The Likeness Flower had sung for him.

Then, he began to sing.
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