Chadhiyana and the Serpent - page 2 Picture

Gouache, coloured pencils and inks on watercolour paper

Here's page two from new character's, Chadhiyana, second story, "Chadhiyana and the Serpent." Again, I'm looking to only post the first three pages of the second story, and I've already posted the first page of the first story. The two will appear together (with a preview of Keith J. Murphey's "Torn) in the Guild Works Publications comic GWP Presents: Volume 1 next month.

The writing as well as the art is mine. As for the colour choices here, I wasn't certain at first about the green for the shadows. As I was putting it down, I honestly kept feeling as though I were ruining the art. But, as the pages came together, I began to like this choice more and more. I wanted to make sure I did a day scene with this comic, since the first story takes place at night, as does the scene which follows this one in this (second) story.

Check out the other pages, and, of course, if you want to finish the story, you'll have to buy the book when it's out. Again, I'll make an announcement on my deviantART page, website and social media sites when it's available and where you can get it. In the meanwhile, enjoy these samples. Cheers!

J. M. DeSantis
Writer - Illustrator

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