Evil Enchantress Clytemnestra Picture

"There's an ancient pony legend that a race of dark, pegasus-like ponies exist in the most desolate of places, trying to catch travelers in desperate times. These dangerous creatures appear to their prey offering fruit, usually a stolen apple as they are attracted to the color red (the silk cloaks they hide their crow-like wings and lack of cutie mark under are usually red). If the pony accepts the apple, they will be eaten up by the creature. If the pony declines, she will be allowed to continue on her way. However, if the pony is unlucky enough to spot a molted black feather she will be turned into one of these monsters.

According to the myth, Celestia and Luna wiped them out but there are stories that their queen, Clytemnestra, still wanders in search of prey. Supposedly, she is the most vicious and evil of them all, and purposely sheds her black feathers in hopes of restoring her race. She can be identified by her black hair and eyes, blood red cloak, and she has been seen speaking to and controlling crows."

I created this OC for a contest.
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