Undercover Adventures: Moving In 2 Picture

EDIT: RESCANNED FOR ADDITIONAL CLARITY. alright no never mind it's impossible to make sense of this comic

It's okay I don't know what's going on either.

THE FINAL PAGE OF THE MOVING IN EPISODE OF UNDERCOVER ADVENTURES or maybe not whatever this is all I can think of now

Supposedly when the Aztecs settled in a new spot the first thing they would do was build a shrine to Huitzilipochtli the Aztec god of the sun and some other cool stuff like hummingbirds. Then they would play a game of Ullamaliztli, which is typically known today as a scary barbaric ball game where they sacrifice the players and play with severed heads but... that's... not really typical. It was played with a rubber ball (the "ulla" part comes from the Aztec word for rubber). Players were sometimes sacrificed in a ritual game, but people also just played it for fun too. In some parts of Mexico and other places, a variation of it is still played today.
You can only hit the ball with your elbows, knees and hips and you have to prevent it from touching the ground. The object is to get the ball through a small stone ring, but it's so hard that usually people just win on points alone. (It's like the golden snitch in quidditch only I would imagine it's not totally necessary to end the game.)

Why the hell is it called the Hesperides View Apartments why.

I swear I can spell exercise
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