Influence Map Picture

Ugh! Decided to do it, and it took forever!
Lots of fun, though.

In order by row, left to right:

Mad Magazine - Mostly for the comic side of it. Mad always had funny comics, albeit mildly disturbing for a small child. Mad made me warped.

Disney - Especially certain cute Disney manfolk. Like Pheobus, my first ever crush. Oh dear.

*makani - She was the reason I started drawing again, to be honest. I saw her website right when the last Harry Potter book was coming out, and her art was so fantastic, her tutorials inspired me to try it for myself! But I'm still terrible haha...

Gary Larsen - The Far Side. I've been reading it since I was about three. Best comic ever.

Natsuki Takaya - Fruits Basket was the first shōjo manga series I ever wrote, and I love seeing her art develops through the course of the novels.

Hidekaz Himaruya - Hetalia got me into the comic world again, and gave me a new fondness for history (though I know, of course, that it has inaccuracies). In a way, it really changed my outlook on history in general, and it fast became my favorite subject to both study and doodle.

~MisterKay - I love everything he draws. I've used his comics for expression references many times, and he just seems like a really cool guy...

`yuumei - Her art is wonderful and makes me want to do that extra mile to improve my own art. Her flash comic "1000 Words" always makes me cry...

Books - In general, but especially Harry Potter. I love reading, and whenever I read something new, I have that much more to read and draw about.

*HamletMachine - I was recently recommended on the webcomic Starfighter, it's definitely mature, viewer discretion advised but...damn, its incredible.

Bill Watterson - Because come on. Who didn't love Calvin and Hobbes?

Jeph Jacques - He's just...hilarious. His webcomic, Questionable Content, was recommended highly to me by some friends, and now I keep track of it daily.

*Phobs - This guy is an AMAZING artist, especially his WWII stuff. Just check him out, everything he does is very dramatic and bold.

=nyanko-chan - An amazing comic artist. Her series, Re: Play, is three volumes long and one of my all time favorites.

Commodore Willis - And Kimba, and Beamer, and the ukulele of awesome. Music inspires more art, which inspires more music. Its like a vicious cycle, but awesome.

*Slinkers - All I can say is...I laughed, I cried, I fell over? Her mildly disturbing style grew on me like a bacteria of swellness!

Garry Trudeau - His comic, Doonesbury was fantastic. I didn't actually get it until about three years ago, though haha...

Star Wars - I think Star Wars may have started it all, all things considered. My first characters were Luke and Leia (then spelled "Laya"), and I was a hopeless Star Wars nerd ever since.

~mylAstrEqueSt - And ~sincesaturday, and ~Higureoneesama, and all the other awesome people who've drawn pictures of our rp's. It makes me want to draw more too!

*chira-chira - Not only do I love her art, but I just love anyone who is dedicated enough to put out a webcomic the quality of hers. Sfeer Theory is really compelling, and the art is wonderful.

~olafpriol - One of the first really amazing artists that I admired to really reach out and encourage me personally. It's a wonderful feeling when someone who look up to talks to you back, and even enters your sad excuse for a contest! I always adored her Fred and George pictures, but she has a wonderfully unique style, and I really adore her.

Hiroyuki Takei - Shaman King was the first manga I'd ever read, if you don't count bits and pieces of Inyuasha and some Pokemon comics. I loved his art, and the plot just incorporates so much great mythology.

*humon - Who isn't influenced by her, even a little? Her SaTW comics, along side her wonderful comics about Niels and the gang are hilarious, and her more detailed pictures about the supernatural creatures of different countries as well as the exploration of Niels' past are wonderful as well.

YouTube - Yes, its lame but honestly, YouTube has become sort of a good place for me to go when I'm feeling in a bit of a rut. You see all these amazing and talented people and Nerdfightaria at it's best, and sometimes you even feel a bit jealous, and then you step back and say " This is awesome." And instead of being envious, feel pumped and excited for their talents and want to make something of your own to inspire people...

~evolloveakira - She's just...ugh. Inspiring all around. When it comes to drawing, writing, rp-ing, lyrics, she wrings the creative juices out of me. We're smut gods.

Movies - Yes, LotR is amazing, but I'm just talking film in general. I'll often draw or write after seeing a particularly powerful or thought-provoking movie. It's just good for the brain!

Chatzy - All my rp buddies! So all the people mention above who I AoH rp with, and obviously ~evolloveakira, *Kaochan123, ~FloatingMist, ~really-lazy, ~Strife-grl17, ~Zaki-kun, and :devTalithecrazy:. They've probably inspired more art and writing than anyone else for me.

Berkeley Breathed - Bloom County, recently being sort of redistributed under the title Opus. That darned cat.

TV - And Man Men is recent TV at it's prime. The plot, the acting, the imagery, all great inspiration.

Who none of this would be possible without.
They're my influences 24/7.
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