Greek Fakemon Legendary Reveal Picture

Yes, here they are. Sihouettes can be found here: [link]

Hopeut (Hope+Stay Put, another way to say 'Stay still')
HopeGiver Pokemon
Hopeut is found in only one area, and will always be there. It spreads hope to people from afar, and if it was ever moved, so would everybody's hope. It's gift to humanity is very important, but almost never used.

Darome (Dark+Mispelling of Roam)
EvilSpreader Pokemon
Darome is also only found in one place, but it spreads lackeys and minions to do it's bidding, preferring to make evil deeds seem to be someone else's fault. It's 'gift' to humanity, sickness, grief, despair, anger, confusion, and others, are focused on greatly, but can only be healed with hope.

Fatainer (Fate+Container)
FateController Pokemon
Inside this seemingly small and insignificant pokemon, is the fate of every living thing, and it controls them with representations of their aura. It's two biggest contenders are Hopeup and Darome, both fighting constantly, Darome near winning, only to be beaten by Hopeup in the last second.

Yep. Based off of Pandora's box, Hope, and Evil. Oh, that reminds me, I need to do a fakemon based off of the Fates.
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