Gotcher Tail Picture

This oil painting was actually, technically a still life. >.> The teacher had set out a whole display of interesting objects and I asked if we could put some items together and make other things, and she said that would be alright. Sooo the planet is actually a globe she had in the far left, the peacock feathers were sticking out of a mannequin on the far left, the horses were a painting in the background, the unicorn's hair is based on some unraveled rope, the flowers were silk bouquets she had in a few places, the object behind the Pegasus is from another image she had behind the objects, and I think there was a seashell in there that made me think of the unicorn horn. I figured if an artist can make modern art out of what they see, making something fantasy based out of what I see should be ok too. The teacher gave me an A. Such a relief! I like her. ^_^
Oh, and the weird textured think underneath is the freezer with the aftermath of making zombie gloves for my daughter and her friends for Halloween.
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