IoQ- Shen Picture

Name: Fan Xing 翻幸 , styled Shen

Level: 10

Total Points/Unspent points: 90/0

HP: 08 FP: 11
ST: 08 DX: 18
IQ : 12 HT: 11
Will: 12 Perc: 12
Speed: 49.4 Move: 49

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Race: Human

Orientation: Straight

Occupation level: Merchant, 5 (550G)

Advantages: (25+20= 45)

(05) Alertness: +1 to all sense and Per rolls.
(05) Acute Senses: Hearing: +2 to all rolls involving hearing.
(15) Combat Reflexes: +1 when defending and dodging, and can flip a coin to recover from Sleep.
(05) Hard to Kill: Player is able to roll based on HT to survive 1HKO attacks
(10) High Pain Threshold: Player is immune to Paralysis as a side effect of physical attacks.
(05) Manual Dexterity: +1 to tasks involving fine motor skills, such as surgery, parrying, or pick pocketing.


-10 Phobia
(-5) Cleithrophobia: the fear of being confined or trapped, especially in small spaces.
(-5) Ligyrophobia--fear of loud noises, especially yelling.
-10 Sense of Duty: House Shang

Weight: 108 lbs.

Height: 5'2"

Skills: (230)

○ Barehanded hit: 1d6-2

(15) Acrobatics: gains +1 to all dodge rolls and against falling hazards.
(10) Acting
(10) Camouflage: The player does a success roll versus their target's Perception. If they succeed, the player cannot be targeted for one turn.
(05) Climbing
(05) Escape:
(05) Geology
(15) Hand Weapon: The player can use a weapon in battle and gains the ability to parry.
(10) Judo: The player gains the ability to parry armed opponents while unarmed. If the parry is successful, they may either attack normally or throw their target to the ground; if the target does not dodge or parry, they lose 1 turn.
(10) Map-making
*(05) Mathematics
*(10) Merchant
(05) Navigation:
The player is allowed to see the full map for their current floor.
(10) Sewing
(10) Shadowing: The player rolls against their target's Per to sneak up on them undetected.
(10) Spinning
(05) Stealth:
Player gains +1 to Shadowing rolls.
(05) Survival: Player gains +1 against all hazards.
*(10) Tactics
(15) Thrown Weapon
: The player is able to use throwable weapons.
(05) Tracking: The player may roll to detect monsters in the room.
(10) Pick-Pocket: The player rolls against their target's Per to steal an item.
*(05) Prospecting: Player rolls to receive an additional item when gathering.
(05) Weaving
*(05) Writing
(50) Wing Guard (Lvl 5)
A personal physical barrier skill costing 1 FP per level, that reduces damage by 15% +5% per skill level, rounded down.
Level: 5
FP Cost: 5
Damage Reduction: 35%
duration: 5 rounds
(30) Bright Eye (Lvl 3)
A personal physical buff skill costing 1 FP per level, that increases DX or Per by 1d3 +1 per level after first.
Level: 3
FP Cost: 3
Bonus: d3+ 2
duration: End of combat, or one roll out of combat

Liked Gifts:

Fancy threads. Literal thread, silk and gold preferred.

Disliked Gifts:

Alcoholic drinks


By and large, Shen is a calm person. He takes most things in stride and is difficult to anger. He tends to be polite and friendly--he would far prefer to be liked than hated--and is a sometimes flirt. Three things crack his calm: rarely, injuries to his pride; more frequently, loud noises--he can cope with one person yelling, but get two people doing it, or a woman, and he rapidly slips into a quiet panic. Thirdly, and least frequent but most shattering, he cannot abide being locked in anywhere. If he turns the bolt, it’s fine. If someone else does it, there is a Problem.

Origin: Bianhan 變漢


Bianhan is a world based on Ancient China in the Later Han Dynasty with some magic thrown in.

Confucianism and Taoism are still the dominant schools of thought, enforcing the ideals of filial piety, ancestor worship, and staying true to one’s assigned duty in life. Magic is reserved for those who are born with the ability, but common enough that those talented individuals aren’t ostracized from society. Superstitions are kept alive and well thanks to the prevalence of magic. Mythological beings are revered as gods of the land, though little concrete evidence has been found to prove their existence.

Life History:

Fan Shen speaks little of his life before coming to serve as a merchant for the Shang House. What little he has said, indicates that he was the second child and only son of a small merchant family in the North that dealt in the local trade of textiles. Shortly after his capping ceremony, he was sent out to handle his first solo negotiation. When he returned a week later, he found his parents and older sister had been murdered, and their house ransacked.

He tries not to think about it.

Though once characterized by his somber smile, he has lightened up considerably since meeting Shang Zhi, and as a result of his friend’s encouragement requested to be permitted to work for the Shang. He has spent the last three years working for the family, climbing quickly from an untrusted hireling to one negotiation shy of assisting the family heir with his adaptability, quick thinking and drive.

Before arrival:

Shen and his companions--seven guards and Chen Li, a friend and fellow merchant--were two days away from returning to the Shang House after successfully negotiating with a family in the production of textiles. It was three hours before dawn, two before the group was due to rouse, and Shen had already disassembled his tent and was double checking his packs. He should have been on watch, but the Guard he was supposed to relieve had respectfully refused to relinquish the duty. Dao had said, with a straight face, “If it’s all the same to you, sir, I don’t think I could live with myself if somebody killed us ‘cause of a sleepy sentry.”

Shen smiled crookedly, sitting down next to his things. Dao was right, of course, and more over, never let Shen take guard shifts once they were so close to the House. Shen didn’t sleep well on the road, and it was painfully obvious when they got within a few days ride of the place he was slowly starting to think of as his home.

He felt a tug at his side, like a strong breeze blowing past him that never pressed against his face. He turned and felt the pull strengthen as he looked into a swirling storm of violet light. He heard Dao yell, and running, the sounds of men scrambling out of bed and hum that grew with the light. He tried to order them back, to make sure someone made it back, grabbing for something to anchor him as the light dragged him upwards. It was no use.
He woke up with his bags, on a beach, to the sound of a bird crying at the sky.


• Leslie's Hairpin (+9):
Thrust Attack: d20+ 32; DMG 6d6 +4 ((base 18 DX) 6+2 + 5d6+2(5 DX armor, +9 pin)
Chance to inflict Stun or Bleed on hit, pick one, ATK vs HT
• Shen's Bracers: +2 DX, +2 Damage Resistance
• Shen's Greaves: +3 DX, +2 Damage Resistance
• Speed Amulet +10: BS/BM +20

Preferred RP Style:
- Chatroom: I'll be here when I can. If you have an idea for a story and I'm not around, leave me a dA note, I'll get to it when I can.
- Paragraph: Can do
- Script: Can do
- Questions? Ask. Always ask.

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