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Anyway, here're my top 10 games.

1. Half-Life 2

I'm still extremely new to the Half-Life world; the series first came onto my radar through this, of all things, and from there it was just something I was aware of. Then I played Portal and loved it, and my brother (with whom I shared a Steam account at the time) wanted to give Half-Life 2 a shot as well. I got it for him, then decided that since I'd paid for it I may as well play it. I got stuck on the Water Hazard chapter and shelved it for a while because being ambushed by Combine soldiers wasn't doing much for my nervous system, but once I managed to muscle through the unease...holy shit. This game is so good it's almost beyond my powers of comprehension. Playing it is like being brainsexed by a beautiful woman while participating in a gunfight, with a really good movie on TV all the while. To me, this is the GitS: SAC of videogames; that's all I really need to say.

2. Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings

I first saw my dad playing this game when I was maybe...gee, I want to say 9 or 10. I begged him to buy the first Age of Empires, and he did, and I spent many happy hours playing around in the map editor. On my next birthday, I used the money I'd received from relatives to buy the Age of Empires II Gold Edition (with the expansion pack and all), and I've been enjoying it ever since. This is really where the AoE series hit its peak, IMO; it runs lightly on most computers, the graphics are very good, and the gameplay is simple and easy to learn, yet still engaging. I play random map games in lieu of solitaire to keep my hands busy.

3. Portal
I initially bought Portal because I wanted to know what the heck this VGcats was about, and also because everybody seemed to be talking about it. I fell in love with GLaDOS's dry, robotic snark almost immediately, and I adored the simple fact that this was a puzzle game that actually bothered to have a great story (I love puzzly-adventury-type games.) Can't wait for Portal 2.

4. Amerzone
Ever heard of this one? No? Basically it's the bastard child of Myst and the first Half-Life. As a French journalist (the game is French, so I'm assuming the player character would be French by extension), you meet an old lighthouse keeper who was once an explorer. On his deathbed, he begs you to return an egg he stole to the jungle from whence it came, and gives you what is in essence a transforming airplane/hovercraft to get there. The story is completely engrossing, and the graphics, for their time (the late 1990's) are just beautiful. My mom and I had a lot of fun with this one back in the day, and writing this has actually made me want to dust it off and play it again.

5. Age of Mythology
I'm separating this from the other AoE games because it was really more of a spinoff in a lot of respects, and also because while the main draw of anything in the AoE series was the random map-type games, the only reason I play AoM is for the campaign. I love that damn thing. It's huge, epic, and deliciously narmy, and about once a year I find myself compelled to go through it all over again.

6. Audiosurf
It's like a drug trip set to all of your favorite songs. You think you can stop at playing just one, but then you go "hmm, I wonder what the track for THIS song looks like!" and then suddenly it's three in the morning. A gorgeous, extremely fun, utterly addictive timewaster <3

7 & 8 (tied). Atlantica Online/9Dragons
One of my hobbies is playing those free MMORPGs that Korea seems to mine from the earth and translate for distribution to keep us Americans from doing anything productive. It's almost like now I'm on a quest to find the absolute perfect one; the one with the best balance of game and story, that's not too hard and doesn't expect me to grind it for hours and hours and hours. In my search I've come upon Atlantica Online and 9Dragons, and I believe that, if combined, they would make the most spectacular MMO ever.

AO is epic in scope; its story takes the player all over the world, from battling mummies in Egypt to vampires in Europe. The story centers around the descendants of Atlantis, and a curse being spread throughout the world by a series of devices planted by them. Its combat system is unique in that the player controls a party of up to 9 mercenaries, each with different weapons and skills. The graphics are absolutely breathtaking; I can promise you you've never seen anything quite as beautiful in interactive media as the atmospheric effects produced by this game. It's also very easy to learn, and I want to have the babies of the market system, which is the most efficient way of offloading junk you get from monsters that I've ever seen. In short, if you like MMORPGs at all, go play this

9D is what I like to call a "China game"; if you browse around the catalog of any company that publishes MMOs (aeria, gPotato, etc.) you will find at least one of these China games, where it's set in some ancient land that looks all Asian and stuff and you learn martial arts and there are clans and everything. And really, 9D is the epitome of all of this. But I still love it to bits. The story is really good, the graphics are pretty, the fighting system does an awesome job of keeping the player engaged in the game beyond just button-mashing, and the clothes, my God, the clothes you can get for your character. This game is just the best bits of every B-kung-fu movie you've ever seen, only you can play around inside it. My only complaint is that the grinding is hell the more you level up.

9. Sonic the Hedgehog 3
I honestly can't remember why I ended up playing this game. I never had a Sega Genesis; I picked it up for the PC on Real One Arcade, back when it looked like RealPlayer was going to take over the world. Maybe my brother wanted it or something. Anyway, of the original Sonic games, this one is my favorite, and I can't quite pin down why since they're all pretty much the same; hold down a button, run fast, jump in the right places. Maybe it's because it has the best soundtrack.

10. StepMania
Like Audiosurf, this game is much more addictive than you'd think it'd be. It's basically keyboard DDR, but when I'm in a mood, I can play for hours without getting bored. I can play the same song for hours, trying to get a better and better score each time. It's crazy.

So there you go; something to keep you busy while my life prevents me from drawing
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