Banished by the gods Picture

Unsure of yourself
You stand divided now
Which road will lead you there?
Last time you fell and you hit hard
Your wounds have healed by now
But you still see your scars yeah

But it's not the way it used to be right now
You've come so far to just let this go, my friend
Don't go out the same way you did the last time
You'll break when you fall
Don't make the same mistakes you did all over
You've got to believe in yourself this time

Tina (Athena) and Paul (Apollo.)

Was going to include Ares and Aphrodite but couldn't figure out where to place them, so I just stuck with these two. Also had to crop the picture because it kinda failed below where I cropped it, but I really liked Apollo's face and Athena's pose so I decided to post it.
Probably gonna lighten up their skin tone; I just wanted to see how they looked with a tannish complexion--since most Greeks tend to have a tanner skin -tone....myself excluded ^^"


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