Pokemon types meme, part 2 Picture

ok so... i made this yesterday but i wanted to have a clear to write this down since my head was killing me last night, and i have spent to long with this franchise to not do it justice with a half-assed explanation, here it goes:

Bug: the thing i love the most about Scolipede is how much of him is actually accurate, believe it or not there was once a centipede that was 2.5 meters long (8'02") which is it's exact size. as a biology student this kind of details are kinda important for me.

Dark: Mighthyena is easy to catch but it's still worth it, i love seeing a positive concept on hyenas who, unfortunatly, get a pretty bad eye in the general public; like the animal they are based on, they are said to be great hunters who use perfect teamwork to get their prey and protect each other for possible predators.

Dragon: i can not explain how much i loved having this guy on my team!! Rayquaza is just badass, it's probably my number one Pokemon based on design, stats and typing; it will forever have a good spot in my Hall of Fame.

Electric: over time some people have claimed this one to be over rated due to it being an ok-ish Pokemon on the main series, i get it, but it's freaking outstanding in Smash Bros and i'll admit to nostalgia being a factor here, most fans at one had at least one Pikachu doll in their room.

Fairy: a new type yay! who do i choose? an old Pokemon! and here's why: it does happen that every few years that a new way to organize animals according to their evolutionary lines comes out in the scientific community and shakes thing up for everybody, making old classification get forgotten in history and new ones take place. Having it acknowledged by my first ever fandom is fantastic for me and Jigglypuff being such a nostalgic choice for me, i just adore it.

Fighting: Lucario is one of the protagonist of my favorite Advanced Generation movie and he's just freaking useful in Smash Bros, the concept of aura and natural energy is one that has fascinated me since i was a child plus, he's based on Egyptian god Anubis!!! learning different kinds of mythology is one of my favorite hobbies.

Fire: you know how your first Pokemon is the one you never forget about? well that was Blaziken for me as i didn't start playing the games till Gen 3 cause i only watched the anime at the time, it's just so badass how many moves it can learn and i get that after him we got a big line up of fire/fighting type starters, but that's only cause the first one was really successful.

Flying: this one is extremely useful be it on the battlefield or to move around, they are resistant to many attacks that are ground based and just like Blaziken, my first flying type was a Taillow who later evolved into Swellow and it accompanied me during my entire journey.

Ghost: who said a ghost Pokemon couldn't be beautiful? i personally was never afraid of ghost as a kid so this type was more like something i was very curious about growing up, with some of the Pokedex entries given to them being actually really creepy; however Misdreavus is described as playful and an expert on mischief, so it would pretty entertaining to have one.

Grass: i love botany to no end (even if it's freaking hard) and grass types are often sadly treated as the underdogs of starters Pokemon, however Sceptile is in my opinion the coolest of them with some really offensive attacks for a grass type, great speed and an awesome design; btw, did you know that there are some species of gecko with tails shaped as leaves for camouflage? nature sure is wise.

Ground: this one is kinda far from my favorite types, but the idea behing this Pokemon is just fantastic in my opinion. Baltoy is based on old artifacts, even toys, that are found in the remains on ancient cultures that are long gone, archaeology is such an interesting field of study because it shows how no matter how long may pass, many things about human nature tend to stay the same, as this Pokemon has through out history.

Ice: Spheal is just so freaking cute!!! and it evolves into such awesome looking Pokemon, somehow in spite of it's odd shape it manages to fight and protect itself using a signature move developed for the sake of survival which is a very good example of adaptation.

Normal: here's where normal type got badass, while Snorlax doesn't look a lot like the white Pandas it is based of it is very accurate how they can just go ahead and fall sleep wherever they might be at the time of getting tired, how can such a lazy Pokemon be so awesome? guess we'll never know.

Poison: i love poison types because of how tactical using them can be and while not everyone is a fan of Muk's design i'll admit to having quite a big love for it as hugging it seems like it would be really squishy hahaha

Psychic: Gardevoir is primary based on a ballroom dancer and a guardian angel, and that's just a delight of a design; it's such a beautiful Pokemon who's evolutionary line gives the feeling of an actual family that takes care of each other. plus it's described as having a psychic connection to its trainer which sounds like the biggest sense of protection a trainer could ever truly have.

Rock: the Moon is to me the most beautiful thing to see in the night sky and Lunatone looks like an illustration one would see in a painting or in a book for children, there's something about it that captivates me to no end even ow that i'm technically an adult. (technically)

Steel: this thing is freaking hard to fight!! Aggron has such an insane defense that battles can take forever and it looks like such a freaking beast, i wouldn't one to find one in some dark cavern...

Water: did i already say i like poison types? well that helps get Tentacruel as my favorite water type as it's one of the most useful Pokemon i have ever owned; plus jellyfish can have up to 80 tentacles (in some cases more) like Tentacruel is said to have, so you better watch out in the sea.

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