Mashile, Spearholder Of Thermal Gae-Bulg Picture

Mashile is a brave heroine who controls Fire and Ice Elements, and is the owner of an ancient weapon called the "Thermal Gae-Bulg", who is a replica of the Gae-Bulg spear of the legendary hero Cu'chulainn of the Celtic Myths, but addapted to control Fire and Ice Elements. She's very strong and tough, and haves a will who makes her a truly hero for the people. She uses a pair of special peg-legs who allows her not only to walk, but to have a better control of her elemental powers. Also, she haves a muscular and attractive body who is tough, at the time is somewhat speedy. She's not fast to walk, but to move her arms and fight with her spear. Her main attack is the "Geyser Of The Thermal Flash", in who she charges her spear with elemental energy and shoots it to any place. When the spear hits the point, a stream of Fire and Ice generates a very big flashing geyser who anhilates anything around. Also, she haves a passive ability called the "Thermal Body Of Illusion" in who any of her allies in combat around haves their combat force halved, but gains extreme speed, being able to hit enemies with very fast attacks who are hard to avoid. She's not only a strong warrior, but an awesome supporter for her allies into combat, being an awesome leader and person to follow.

Zodiac Sign: Piscis.
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