Drake Jormungan Picture

Name: Drake Jörmungan (last name based on the serpent of Norse mythology, Jormungandr)

Alias: The Shy Serpent

Age: 26

Height: 6 feet 5 inches

Weapon: Ouroboros- dual chakrams with razor edges that return back to owner upon being thrown and can also be used for close range attacks
a simple sword of black and green flame. It is an extremely dangerous weapon and is known to fatally wound people.

Species: Male Snake Faunas (noticeable by enlarged canine teeth)

Appearance: In his normal state, Drake has light skin, light blonde hair, light green eyes and stubble on his chin. Since he works as an assistant under Professor Diamond (Diana’s father), he is able to wear casual business attire. However, he decides to wear an outfit similar to that of the students of Beacon Academy (dark red overcoat, blue vest, white dress shirt, black pants and black shoes.) In his Second Skin state, his appearance completely changes. He still retains his light skin and chin stubble but his eyes are now yellow and his hair is now green. He wears a black vest with nothing under it. He also wears black padded fingerless gloves that end at the forearm and have a green stripe running along the wrist. He wears dark green camo pants held together by a yellow belt. On his feet, he wears black combat boots.

Personality: In his normal state, Drake is shy and flustered. He tends to stutter when he speaks and has to repeat himself. However, beneath his shy exterior, lies a soft and kind interior. Drake also tries to act smooth whenever he is around women or other professors. However, this makes him look stupid as he tends to fail at acting smooth or hip. When he is in his Second Skin state, his personality becomes more sadistic. He sheds all sympathy and innocence before and replaces that with sadism and hate.

Bio: Drake was born into a poor faunas family on Patch. His family was junkies and proof that some faunas were scum. He had been abused by his father at home, scolded each time that he did something wrong and beaten when he spoke something that he thought, needed to be said. At school, it only got worse. Human students would make fun of him for his enlarged canine teeth. They called him Bucktooth Wonder and Scaleskin because of him being a snake faunas. Sadness grew inside him each day as he had to suffer cold remarks and taunts. However, there was one young deer faunas girl who went to her when he was down. Her name was Shyanne Freyja. She supported and stood up for him when he fell down. Drake soon adopted a crush on her and asked her to be his girlfriend. She accepted and together, they were happy. They pushed through the hardships and hatred together. However, not all fairy tales have a happy ending. One day at afterschool, Shyanne and Drake were sitting together, drawing and having a good time. However, some human bullies grabbed her and beat her to death, all while holding down Drake and forcing him to watch. This caused Drake to mentally snap and awaken his semblance, the Second Skin. He brutally murdered the children with Dainsleif. When he realized his monstrous deeds, he ran away from the school and from home as well. As he lived alone in the forests of Patch, he was thinking about what happened back at the school. One side of him had argued to turn himself in and admit to his crimes. Another had told him to continue his violence as a message. All humans would pay for their wrongdoings and spawning his campaign of despair and bloodshed. He would change the world so that nobody would have to suffer like he did. One night, he had boarded an anonymous ship to Vale, the perfect place to commit and praise his sermon. He lived in Vale, disguising his uglier, second skin with his original first skin. When he was 15, he had met David Diamond, a professor working at Beacon Academy. David took him into his life, giving him joy and happiness. But despite this, Drake’s views on humans didn’t change. When Drake turned 17, David had offered him to enroll in Beacon Academy. Drake enrolled into Beacon Academy, creating Ouroboros and increasing his skill in combat. When David had graduated Beacon, David had offered him the position of being an assistant teacher in Beacon. Drake gladly accepted and joined him. Drake is now an assistant professor at Beacon Academy. Despite all of the joy and care he has been given, he still shares a hatred toward humans and will stop at nothing until his sermon becomes a reality.

Semblance: Second Skin
With this semblance, Drake “sheds his skin” and undergoes a transformation. This transformation changes his clothing, hairstyle and eye color. His attitude becomes sadistic and his fighting style becomes more brutal. This transformation gives him a new weapon (Dainsleif), the ability to create clones out of shed skin and the ability to shoot poison from a gland in his mouth and apply it to his weapons and teeth. However, while in this form, using Dainsleif drains 1% of his aura every 30 seconds. However, this can be stopped by not using the weapon and instead using CQC. Creating clones out of his shed skin drains 5% of aura with every clone and causes damage to his original body with every clone that is destroyed (the clones can be destroyed in one hit). As with the poison, this puts a strain on his body every time he drains the poison from himself. Extracting the poison from himself, inflicts pain on his body. He can only exit the form when he has sustained too much damage or when he is drained of all aura.

Style of Fighting: In Drake’s normal state, his fighting style is dancer-like and graceful. He seems to be extremely skilled in his use of his weapon in both close and mid range. In his Second Skin state, his fighting style becomes more brutal and barbaric. His once graceful fighting style is now tainted by instead using violent slashes and brutal CQC to finish his opponent off.

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