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All right.

With 300 having come out, people are all going to want to go “THIS…IS…SPARTAAAA!” at any possible opportunity. This character is from Sparta, so the remarks would not be entirely out of place. But I don’t need you being distracted by it, so go on and let out your “SPARTAAAA!”s now. I’ll wait.

I’m really unsure about the name I picked, and I might go back and change it later. (I was originally going for “Demetria”, but having a Demetria be a Sailor Demeter seemed kind of redundant). Antipatra means something like “against the father”, though I’m not sure if it’s a proper feminine name – the site I look up names on only listed “Antipater” and that was a male’s name; I combined the anti with the “patra” of “Kleopatra” (since “pater” and “patra” were both listed as “father” and hoped for the best.

I see “Miterphania” being a title, though not necessarily equivalent to “princess” – once again I’m mish-mashing various Greek sources, but it should mean something like “mother-manifestation” – Demeter (the goddess) was known as “mother”; Wikipedia says “in Greek mythology, Demeter ([Greek spelling], "mother-earth" or possibly "distribution-mother"). I think I remember reading somewhere that Demeter was known as ‘Great Mother’? Anyway, it just seems to fit. It’s something that would be given to the current Sailor Demeter, but I’m not sure if it’s permanent or would be given up to the next Demeter. I see it as having once been a name (probably an ancestor) but turned into a title (I’m thinking of Augustus Caesar here).

I don’t know if the “of Damates” was added posthumously or not; I haven’t quite figured out all the details about that.

Casual: SPARTAAA! Okay…er…yes, with that over with…

She would have been born when Sparta was under Roman rule, but I couldn’t find any sources about that time so I just went with what I had gleaned about Sparta in its’ heyday. Now I’m not sure about all these details, but apparently gold and silver were forbidden to prevent accumulation of wealth (hence the bronze pins); women were not allowed to wear make-up (though I think she looks pretty without it) or jewellery (can’t remember where I heard that, but I think it goes back to the no gold rule). Also note that her chiton (type of tunic) is completely open on the left side, revealing her leg up to the thigh (and probably the side of her torso). I guess Sparta was famous for this and became a tourist trap for Roman elite.

There’s a band of fabric in her hair to dress up the bun in back (which can’t be seen; from what I can tell, Greek hairstyles tended to be piled in the back rather than, say, on top). Bands like this were used in the Regency but I don’t know if they were actually used in ancient Greece.

Selene: As you can tell, she’s prettied herself a little bit more, which is understandable if she’d been barred from doing that all her life.
Unlike pretty much every other soldier that arrives on elene, she’s the only one who tries (at first) to stick to standard Selenian fashion. Everyone else pretty much wears what they think Selenian fashion looks like (that is, they usually put their own twist on it), but not her.

That is, until she gets annoyed with the lack of leg room and decides to wear her tunics open on the left side again, Selenians be damned.
Once again, her hair is piled on the back of her head, with some ringlets framing her face, as I see that being in fashion when she arrives, though I doubt it has any historical basis. Once again there is a ribbon in her hair to add to the hair.

Ceremonial: I can say that this turned out much better than Tethys’ ceremonial outfit. The reason for that was that I decided to take away a piece of the outfit (I had added a waist cincher with the belt worn overtop) halfway through colouring and so kind of hastily patched up the blank spots left behind. I learned from my mistakes from that time and was able to make a better outfit. Her skirt is also more bell-like, something that I failed to achieve with Tethys.

I decided that the Demeterites (which is what I’m calling this particular tribe of people for now) lived in the same area and time period as the Tethyan peoples – Minoan Crete. Unlike their marine counterparts, they got the hell out of there when the Thera eruption happened and managed to survive through the following Mycenaean period before eventually making their way mainland and settling in Sparta. Therefore, their ceremonial dress is pretty much the same as the Tethyan peoples and for the same reasons.

As for “Damates”, I’ve decided that the Demeterites eventually move off Earth (for everyone’s good, really – they don’t have to keep the whole sailor thing a secret any more and its’ easier for their allies to check up on them when they don’t have to hide themselves from the Earth people) and settle on Exsulto, mostly because it’s Earthlike and the Tethyan people are there too. But they don’t live in the same area (haven’t figured out where) and they haven’t adopted the natives’ dress. In fact, they’re pretty much isolated, and they don’t care. Good for them?

Character © ~callisto-chan
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