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SKGHL:AKHGVWE(*[email protected]($#)%*^P$#(*TEHjhnhngbhgbngfcxfvujjk, my fucking luck I'm ALMOST done with this and I accidentally close out the tab and have to start ALL fucking over! >.<

Anyway, this is my oc Jin as a Kobalos (for an RP im doing), which is a little sprite that runs around causes trouble and frightens people. I thought it was pretty fitting, but since actual Kobalos are tiny, creepy, and ugly, I decided to make my own version! If you want to know more about kobalos, just look it up on google. There's a wiki page right at the top of the search results.

My version of Kobalos all have facial markings like Jin's, only the markings are all different: no two kobalos have the same markings! They are all Kobalos specific, are often in different places on the face, and are the same color as the Kobalos eyes.

I just love his horns! x3

Also, I imagine him to wear a long red tunic like things with black tights/pants and red pointy toed elf shoe thingies.

Also, all of his teeth are sharp, and his fingernails are really long and sharp and end in points.

He has like, twice as many pericings in this form as his human form..don't ask why xD

Jin belongs to me!

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