Rashka's Influence Map Picture

I hit some art block and decided to finish this off.

1. Frank Frazetta - He holds a place special in my heart and may his epic soul rest in peace. His work and Boris & Julie's are some of the earliest work I can remember totally blowing my mind.

2. Keith Thompson - I love his dark work, with its occult/mythological inspiration. It is amazing, with such a unique style, and incredible imagination. <3 you Keith!

3. Mythology - It all fascinates me. Egyptian, Mayan, Norse, Greek, Indian, Sumerian, etc. Mythology is where I always turn if I run out of ideas. The human mind and its interpretation of the world will never cease to delight me. I also love Cryptozoology too.

4. White Wolf's (old) World of Darkness - Set the scene of a dark parallel world of our own, full of demons, vampires, werewolves, changelings and other incredible possibilities. I love it!

5. Giger - He absolutely rocks, need I say more?

6. The 80s/90s in general - Heman, Sheera, Thundercats, Transformers, My Little Ponnies, Carebears. I'm a child of that generation and they stuck their claws into my very being. My refuge from the darker side, or serious side that usually inspires me.

7. *beastofoblivion (Allison Theus) She captures beasts in a dynamic way I could only ever dream of. Whenever I have a desire to draw monsters I look to her to light that fire of inspiration. It's too bad I couldn't fit =GunnerRomantic and *Rotarr on here too.

8. Concept Art - I admire anyone who can create unique designs and eject their imaginations so freely. Some of the BEST people I have ever spoken to are concept artists - those with passions for improvement and a courtesy to be open to others.

Major props to the Crimson Daggers!

9. Boris & Julie - Like Frank Frazeta, their work has totally wow'd me since my earliest memories.

10. Historical Fantasy - I love many different time periods. Knights and the medieval holds a particular fascination - but I really do love it all.

11. Jim Henson - Those movies and creatures were the source of my earliest delves into beasts and the bizarre. Labyrinth, Dark Crystal are among my favourites.

12. MY DA FRIENDS - Because you all are awesomeness, you keep me going when I am down, and you inspire me with your own work and dreams. You energize me - I love you all.

13. Goldenwolf - Her artwork was really what got me inspired with drawing. I was always shy that I "couldn't draw people" and was so dazzled and overwhelmed with "old masters" and the "fantasy giants" so I drew werewolves first. I've since grown up a lot and my oldest influences are now pouring back - but if it were not for her artwork that made me believe I COULD DRAW, I may of never bothered with it in the first place. Thank you Goldie.

There's so much more too that has touched my influences, but this is what really came to mind first. *AlectorFencer and ~Phantasmagora deserve some serious props too.

I'm also a Graphic Designer, so I can't help but be influenced by that whole side of visual aesthetics as well.

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