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"Art is my dream scape.
The place where I come to
express the deepest parts of

Sometimes I truly feel as though
my love of nature is more of an
obsession with discovering the
evolutionary patterns throughout
all living things. Maybe a way to
explain my existence or just an
utter fascination with the strange
exotic beauty of the natural world.
I do admit that I have a bad
case of Biophilia, The instinct of
self-preservation,An appreciation
of life and the living world,the love
(philia) of Nature (bio).
If your wondering when this
intense love of nature began I
would have to say it started with
my childhood.
Everyday I am inspired by nature
and the human connection with it.
Since childhood I have been drawn
in by fossils, dinosaurs, trees, and
The intense feelings I experienced
with nature lead to my interests
in mythology, botany, religion, and
world cultures. I discovered a
place where I could express my
emotions through organic symbols,
and also control the beauty of my
surroundings. The need in me to
create and project my thoughts
through paint, clay, and imagery
never seemed to leave me and as
I grew up my imagination and
creativity became my voice, my
escape, and my place to expand.

"When I'm alone and being creative
I truly feel free of all of my
preconceived notions, I feel as if
each artistic vision starts out as a
tiny growth, that eventually will
blossom out of my head. This
growth or tree sprouting from my
head represents my thoughts,
ideas, wishes, and dreams. I have
come to understand that I am
somehow part plant part girl."

Currently, I attend community
college and I am pursuing a career
in hospitality management and
business. My ultimate dream is to
one day have an Art Café. My wish
is to create a place for people to
come together and support the
arts; mostly a place for others to
blossom and enrich their lives with
visions of artistic beauty. A place
that allows me to create in all
arenas of the arts from food to

If those of you who have taken
the time to stop by and peek into
the window of my artistic garden
feel free to email me with any
questions or comments. Feedback
is always appreciated.

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