DP: Bushido cover chapter 5 Picture

New chapter cover for Bushido. For those of you wondering how the story is coming along, well...I can say I'm still working on it.

*exasperated sigh from the audience* *dodges a tomato*

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm just not a good writer and I've been stuck on some parts (like, the freaking BEGINNING). I know I'm trying your patience. And Transformers is eating my brain right now. But I'm on my summer vacation now so lots of free time ahead. More pics? Probably. Story? Sometime between now and september.

About this cover: I'm skipping a chapter that's giving me trouble and giving you a preview of chapter 5. In the story, Daichi (our Danny-boy) has no memory of his past, not even his real name. The first part of the story is about his quest to find out who he is.

In chapter 5, Daichi and his friends go back to the place where he first woke up as a ghost, not far from where he was killed. There, they are attacked by a demon tree called a Jubokko, that grows of battlefields and feeds on human blood.

I found an awesome book about the monsters of japanese mythology and it's giving me freaky ideas, so expect Daichi and his crew to fight a lot of crazy yokai, demons and monsters in the story.
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