Taniwha Picture

I've started again with making some sort of fantasy world thing. Hopefully this will go better than the last attempt.

So this is a Taniwha. It's a monster which lives in deep ponds, lakes, rivers, seas...any body of water with sufficient depth. While some tribes revere them as guardians (and indeed they are protectors of the natural world to some extent), they are generally feared as monsters who eat people who come into their domain. A Taniwha's weakness is being away from water-it weakens and may eventually die and go back to the realm of spirits. However, even a small drop of water can revive a Taniwha-a fact learnt the hard way by certain people who sought to rid the local area of the resident Taniwha by dragging it out of water and placing it under a tree with water on its leaves.


The Taniwha is actually a creature from the mythology of the New Zealand Maori people. It still holds some significance in their culture- a few years ago a tribe successfully had a main road construction diverted to protect two taniwha.

What IS it with dA putting animal characters and anthropomorphic characters in the same category? 0_o
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