SotP 2012 Contest Submission Picture

Okay, this is a submission for Nekc's contest. I designed a Lock! You should totally go stalk watch her right now.

Now for imformation on this guy, 'cause there is no way my crappy drawing can tell you itself.

*clears throat*
Meet Gabriel. This flamboyant indivisual started as a commen jackrabbit. Consistently curious, flirtatious, and mischevious, Gabriel has fantastic stories about his time on earth. Gabriel loves to be an instagator and in the middle of things, and is not afraid of a little risk. A kid at heart, Gabriel is liable to get distracted easily.

Gabriel's design is based on Queatzcotl, a god in mezo american mythology. Queatzcotl was reportedly a feathered serpeant. Gabriel ended up with horn/scale/feather s because it looked more natural. The color scheme followed along with the guidelines I saw when looking at Reed and Tancred. White base with the signature color strategetically placed. His first form is a rather simple and unassuming jackrabbit, but then he transforms into something much more fun. A flamingo.

Sorry for any spelling errors, its rather late at night.
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