Mask of a Male Valkyrie Picture

This is the first mask I ever made. The assignment in Design 2 class was to make a mask that told a secret about yourself. He gave us a few options on how it could be made but not actually demonstrating any of the techniques. So I figured out how to make it by pinch sculpting the foam, giving it cheekbones and the like, and making sockets for the eyes. I got an A on the technical aspect of the mask but the teacher pointed out that it didn't really follow the subject guidleines of telling a secret.
It does...Zangai is a character of mine, born to a Valkyrie, one of twins. Never really belonging and in the end being exiled from Valhalla and forced to make his way in Makai as a soul thief. I'm doing research to try to get this story right so maybe one day in the future I can write it. The Valkyrie are known as the Daughters of Odin but there are also a lesser known group called the Sons of Odin. So the concept is not without Mythological precident. *babbeling*
It does tell a secret about me. I write. For me. And I feel like Zangai sometimes, like I don't really belong here but knowing that that perfect place I came from is no longer attainable. I dunno. I think all people feel like they don't quite fit. o.o'''
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