Wolf Kouji Lineart Picture

^-^ Inked this in Photoshop. *phew* I love/hate the pen tool...

Wolf is lost within a large castle; this castle is where she attends a private academy for those with powers -- there's two classes... There's the Telepaths and then there's the Mutants... Telepaths are for the most part, just normal humans with telepathic abilities... Mutants however come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and have abilities unique to each one. Demons, such as Wolf, Gokurakuians, Dragons and other humanoid mythological species (dragons in this particular story have two forms -- at least the more powerful ones do), and humans with such unique qualities (usually with some sort of traceable demon or Gokurakuian heritage but not always so) are all classified as mutants.

Mutants in this world are highly discriminated by others; they're denied jobs, marital status, land... you get the picture. Those who can disguise themselves as "normal" have it easier, as long as they're never discovered.

As far as what exactly a Gokurakuian is... it is a race from the planet called Gokuraku which was destoryed not too long before this story takes place. Tis all apart of a long story...

Wolf (c) me
Story/plot (c) me and my friend Michelle... we have both labored over this for five+ years... I can't believe it's been so long, but no stealing! XP
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