Rowan Fenris- My newest rpc :3 Picture

This is my newest rpc (Role Play Character)

His name is Rowan Fenris; Rowan being his first name n Fenris being his last.

Rowan: means Little red head
Fenris : is from Scandinavian mythology and was a large wolf who had powers to threaten the gods.

Now here is some info bout him;
He is a werewofl kinda, n he's almost always happy n he sings n plays gitar. He is 16 (n gay) n his father did sexual assaults to him from he was little to he was 14; his mother found out n his father got locked up in jail. His mother died soon after n so he decided to get away from that place n start over again; n so he did. That's what I've decided so far.

N I didn't make shadows or anyth on purpose
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