Great Black Pyramid of Set Picture

This is the home of Set, the intermediate god of darkness, deserts and their perils, hatred, toxins, and sorcery, part of the Quaandara pantheon (located in the southern hemisphere of Orberon, the planet where the 'Domain of Sendrith' Universe takes place). Quaandara, modelled after real-life Ancient Egypt, was once an independent and influential power in its region, but now is a province of Salatherion. Judging by his portfolio, he is not a nice guy. This region is said to be in the hotter realms of the Smoldering Borderlands of Dread, sandwiched between the Malevolent Gray Depths of Hades and the True Hells of Chydos in the cosmology of the Underworld. Set's abode is an utterly desolate and inhospitable region in which the sand and sky is died a blood red and menancing violet clouds smother the sky, delivering thunder and strange pink lightning. Monstrous creatures also stalk the vast sands around Set's ominous abode. Powerful bursts of energy, represented by straight-upward beams of green light fizzle and boom as a message for his enemies, especially other deities he hates and meddelsome arch-devils who would dare trespass and think to take over his realm. Set is based on the deity of the same name in real-life Egyptian mythology, who also had a similar portfolio outlining his domains.
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