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This is tiring me out. I keep having to change my app.

Swift the Pikachu:

She doesn't like going to public or crowded places, because she worries she might scared them with her torn tail and scarred left ear. She just wants to be a normal Pikachu. She starts to feel more appreciated when she meets her partner Splash the Mudkip, who has eyes with two different colours: Green and Purple. Also when she is in areas full of dungeon pokemon, most of the time, she is the one mostly taking all the status affects. Especially Poison.

Splash the Mudkip:

He likes to think random mythology, he thinks his eyes bring certain luck. For instance he thinks his green eye holds good luck, whilst the other has bad luck. Splash only started thinking this, because back in the swamp he was born in, all the swamp pokemon didn't think he was one of them. Soon he goes off to join the guild, and ends up finding Swift by the river, injured.

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