Crucifixion and Pieta Picture

Another piece in my MYTHOLOGY solo art show, these were placed in the "questionable myth" room, because while at first glance they are of identifiable scenes, on second glance they are not what you think! The first is Frodo from Lord of the Rings, and the second is Harry Potter and Dobby. The One Ring is on the top of the cross where his little sentence paper usually is, and he is wearing one of the elven cloaks and holding the phial from Galadriel. And you guessed it, that is Mt. Doom in the background! And the second is pretty self explanatory, I dressed Harry up in robes that Mary is sometimes seen wearing. Both are very touching stories and I wanted to do some serious fan art for them, with powerful imagery. Frodo is basically sacrificed for the good of Middle Earth, and Dobby is definitely a death to be mourned.

This was a diptych, so they are actually two different pieces but photographed together (in case you couldn't tell?)

This isn't considered mature, right?
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