Not Your Traditional God Picture

Not Your Traditional God of the Dead (this is the real title) This is not a type of drawing I usually under take (Anthro) but I have always loved. So in randomness I tried and think I succeeded. I drew a spin off of my favorite God Anubis God of the dead. It's funny because I've always loved Egyptian mythology and watchng a move at one's of my friends a week ago it resparked that. To give you a little history Anubis is actually mostly known for being god of embalming and helping the dead cross over after Osiris the dismembered god king of Egypt was over thrown by Set or Seth his jealous brother. After this took place and his wife Isis despite attempt to bring him back and succeeded Osiris's tail among the Egyptian people grew and Osiris became the more recognized god of the dead, even after his son Horus over threw Set and gaining power. Anubis was also the bastard son of Isis's sister and her husband Osiris. Nephthys (Isis sister) Had Anubis after seducing and tricking Osiris in to sleeping with her. Any way I hope you like it is surly an original piece in my gallery due to the fact there's none like it in there enjoy! ^^

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