Dune Starz .:Rose Thorn Academy:. Picture

Dune Starz
Age:~Unknown~[Dune:Why would I inform the Earth of my age?]
~The night sky [Dune:My parents are up there!]
~Clear water [Dune:Ah~ so refreshing]
~Human Mythology
~Human Astrology
~Human Astronomy
~Human Science
~Basically all things humam
~The Milky Way

~Cloudy nights
~Polluted Places
~Humans making fun of her apperance
~other Star-People
~other people
~How slow humans seem

Species(?):Star-Person (Alien bro)

Power(s): Ability to fly, to make dancing stars come out of her palms, glowing tattoos

Dune Starz is a Star-Person, who (OBVIOUSLY) is a half- star-half-humanoid, thingy[Dont ask how it all began]
She was raised in the Cats Eye Nebulae, but when she turned 1 billion 600 million(16 years in star-people years), her parents decided to send her to Earth, after they heard rumors about it through the interstellar radio

~Cold Hearted at times
~Hot-Blooded (pfft no kidding bro)
~Slightly Selfish
~Mean at times
~Yandere (She feels as if she doesnt protect the object of her Yandereness, it will slip away from her into the end(Death))
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