Soul Calibur IV: Artemis Picture

With Soul Calibur V coming up, I decided to post my versions of various Greek Gods I created. These aren't based on any existing interpretation, just what I imagined based on the descriptions I read.

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Artemis was the Greek goddess of the Hunt and the Moon and protector of expectant women and the young.

Family of Artemis:
Greek goddess Artemis was born in Mount Cynthus at the island of Delos in Greece as a daughter of Zeus, the Ruler of the Greek gods and the mortal Leto. Artemis' twin brother was Apollo, the god of the Sun, whereas Artemis' cult was connected with the Moon. She had been born before Apollo and had helped her mother Leto to give birth to her little brother.

Artemis, the Virgin Huntress:
As a child, Artemis had asked from her father Zeus to remain an eternal virgin and therefore became one of the three Virgin Goddesses in Greek mythology. Artemis had absolute sovereignty over nature and was said to bring fertility to all places that worshipped her. Usually accompanied by Nymphs and Oceanids, Artemis loved to hunt with arrows dipped in poison.

Oddly enough, Artemis was both a killer of wild animals and their protector.

Appearance and Sacred Symbols:
Artemis was usually armed with bow and arrows and was wearing a knee-high chiton

Her symbol was the bow and her sacred animals were the snake and the deer
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