The Journey Comes Full Circle Picture

A kamekoubaka, an ancient Okinawan family tomb. The title is a reference to the mythology behind it; the central part of the structure is rounded as a reference to the womb - when you die you go back to a womb or something. I don't know if it has to do with reincarnation or if it's referring to the "womb of the earth" or what, but the basic idea, according to my mother, is that life and death are kind of a cycle that comes full circle. I thought it was nifty because I'm a sucker for learning dorky crap like that. I found the reference image on Wikipedia in this article: [link] and showed it to my mom. According to her, it actually happens to be our own family tomb (her side of the family is from this area). So I thought I'd do my required non-Western-culture-influenced project for IB art on this.

I was working really hard on it at first, trying to get the colors right and everything, but near the end of the quarter I wasn't anywhere near finishing, got fed up, and began slathering random colors all over the place. Hence the perplexing mix of reds and blues and yellows which really aren't in the reference. I need to work on backgrounds; those tree-things behind the structure look awful.

And yes, I'm a very very very sloppy painter.
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