The Mad god Hann...Colored Picture

This artwork was created for Dianae's art contest, with the
theme : Gods, Goddesses and Mythology at [link]

Timeframe: antediluvian (before the flood, before Atlantis)

I titled this sketch, Hann, the Mad god. It is/was based on a story (I outlined) of a warrior seeking vengeance on those who massacred his family and friends while he was serving his king in a distant war. When all other gods and goddesses ignored him he turned to the one god everyone shunned, Hann the mad god.

Hann is unlike any and all gods. He is mad because he exist in all places, all times and dimensions creating a sort of omnipotent schizophrenia. He exist in many forms, all a part of his condition. One of his saner doppelgangers, Namon sees this young warrior as his avatar to the world. His right hand to enforce his will, whether for good or ill.

The young warrior Troy, begins a dark journey as his master's avatar, leading him into dangerous and humorous encounters through time and space serving the various aspects of Hann's other doppelganger's. However through his journey Namon (Hann's saner self) helps to re-create Troy from the man of vengeance that he is into the man-god he will become. The actual title of the story is Avatar of a Mad god"
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