Haris Picture

Another semi-realism practice. Well this guy is my oc from my story called Lagenda.

Lagenda is a story about a group of university student went for holiday on their semester break but end up in the place that never exist on their map. Mostly the story will be a twisted version of a Malaysian mythology and legends.

Name: Haris Bin Ariffin
Age: 20 years old
Likes: to work hard & smart, studying and reading.
Dislikes: being bullied by Ariq (his twin brother), being chased by a girl( i will explain about this).

Haris is Ariq twin brother. Even they share the same face but the way both of them act are totally different from one another. Haris is absolutely opposite of Ariq. He more nerdy type of person and also very kind. His kind attitude make him easily bullied by Ariq. Sometimes Ariq impersonate his twin to escape many of his exs wrath which cause Haris to become the victim of women's vengeance. Poor guy~

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