70: Absol's pre-evolution Picture

This is my latest fakemon that I have created. I was originally going to put the little guy (or gal), in my second Fakemon Generation, but since the release of Mega Audino, I decided to place the Fakemon early.

070: Paran (Short for Paranoid)
Omen Fakemon
Height: 2'4"
Weight: 50.4 lbs
Ability: Forewarn/Super Luck
Hidden Ability: Justified
Base Stats: 45 - 95 - 40 - 55 - 40 - 55
1- Scratch
1- Feint
4- Leer
9- Quick Attack
12- Pursuit
17- Taunt
20- Bite
25- Last Resort
28- Quash
33- Hone Claws
Paran are antisocial Pokemon and do not interact with others. If one were to see one crossing, bad luck will surely follow.
Evolves into Absol with maximum friendship at night.
Based on a black cat or the Bai Ze of Chinese Mythology

To get Paran, the parent Absol must hold the Umbra Incense

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