New-Waltz Picture

Since i did this one at the same time as '' Gods' Territory'' and on the same sheet too, i am posting it.

Waltz was the home of Demon but it was destroyed. Hundreds of years later life began grow on it again and it was named New-Waltz( i know its not very original, but meh, don't really care for now). Since it's northern country, i decided to make ice the most common construction material over there.

EDIT: Oaky, so it's been decided that the story will take place on a real Earth, somewehere very far in the future, and that they still have trace or even full books of our litterature, so many name will be changed. Waltz turns out to be Atlantide and New-Waltz is Bermeja. Also, Mimimura is Yamatai. All those names are legendary, mythological and lost lands, cities. There might also be some phantom islands.
I might post a journal about those changes someday....maybe...

Having an art block sucks, 'am telling you T_T
For those who still havent experienced it, you're lucky.
For those who have , tell me your secret to get rid of the '' blank page syndrome'' T_T Please
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