'Mr. Rollins' submission Picture

This is my submission to Puzzle Clubhouse's "Mr. Rollins" call for submissions. [link]

My inspiration was that mythological riddler, the sphinx -- a sphinx butler would fit in perfectly in a place like Puzzle Clubhouse. I created my image by Photoshopping two public domain images together -- a Thomas Nast illustration of butler Sam Weller [link] from Charles Dickens' The Pickwick Papers, and a lion and sun motif from a 13th century tile [link], with the rays of the sun forming abstract wings for my sphinx.

The submission prompt was:
Create a character concept sketch (to be reinterpreted in the Puzzle Clubhouse art style by the development team) based on this description:
"The herculean task of maintaining the Clubhouse rests on one man’s shoulders - and it certainly isn’t Cornelius. No, it is Mr. Rollins: the penultimate butler of PCH and probably the only person in the world capable of keeping up with Uncle Cornelius’ whims. He never complains, performs his duties flawlessly, speaks only when it is of the utmost importance, and does it all with stoic dignity."
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