Dream Haunting Kitsune Picture

Well, a few days ago, I got really board and drew a kitsune. This is the result. I know that the coloring absolutly sucks, because I was atempting to try out a new fur coloring technique, and I got fed up and just scribbled the rest in. Any way, He doesn't have a name yet, so I would LOVE some subjestions. He's a curse kitsune, which means someone summoned him and placed his curse on a person; his specialty is haunting dreams. He starts out the dreams nicely, but then makes them go downhill fast, and he does that every night untill you go insane.... I guess that wouldn't be very plesant. Lastly, I would have done this digitaly, but I have no clue on how to give it a fancy bacground on photoshop, or how exactly to use layers ^^'
Anyhoo, Enjoy!
P.S.: Yes, he is over a thousand years old, but he still has yet to grow all 9 tails.
Art (c) Me
Character (c) Me
EDIT!: I have decided on a name for him; Ragnarok. His name is the end of the world in norse mythology.
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