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oh im sorry did i say dante was my last loar character I LIED HAHAHA oh god

I already have three characters for L.o.a.R.
And in addition to this I wanna make one more.
I think I'm gonna cut Aiyu and Tsuki out.
Hnng. jshvcfd


Full Name: Ryan Matthew Arcilla
Nicknames: Knight of Heaven, Ry/Ry-Ry, Shark, Ninja, Shorty (Close friends/acquaintances only), Shadow Striker…the titles that Axel calls him by…
Sex: Male
Age: Thirteen Years
Birth Date: January 5th
Death Date: N/A
Birthplace: Shadowridge
Current Residence: Shadowridge
Ranking: Noble
Animal: Caracal (Primary inheritance -- Mother) || Slightly Tasmanian Devil (Secondary inheritance -- Father)


Height: 4’11
Weight: Ninety-seven pounds
Body Type: Slim, somewhat toned (due to being thirteen years of age)
Eyes: Deep brown; seemingly black at times.
Hair: Natural ebony; occasionally dyed white, though always has crimson highlights.
Skin: Cross between tan and peach, though slightly more of a peachy tint.
Fur: Rather soft and long; of begins as a sort of darkened beige hue, fading into black.
Distinguishing Characteristics/Markings: To be stated in the physical flaws/etc?
Physical Flaws/Birthmarks/Scars: Practically blind in the left eye (everything is a blur unless it’s less than a foot away), bears a scar over his left eye from a childhood accident, has a sort of cross-shade birthmark on the right of his neck.
Usual Attire ((Or link to picture)): Up above. (Doesn’t show the ears or tail, but he has them.)
Tattoos/Piercings: Three onyx studs and five ring piercings in total. Two of the studs would be upon each lobe, while the remaining would be on the left side of his lower lip. Two ring piercings would be located going up each ear, and the remaining would be next to the stud on his lip.
Other Accessories: Has a couple of hand-made wristbands; the right one has the sign for Capricorn in red thread, while the left has the Chinese symbol for Dragon in green thread. Both worn over bandages that cover both wrists.


Personality Traits: Shhhh you should know this by now; it’s basically all of my personality traits.
What annoys him/her?: Being told to do something over and over again, being pestered nonstop/being hoarded over, snobbish people…and a lot of other things…
What makes him/her happy?: Barely anything. (For truly being happy.)
What does him/her think is disgusting?: Many things.
Greatest Fears/Phobias: Philophobia, Soteriophobia, Kakorrhaphiophobia, Autophobia/Eremophobia/Isolophobia, fear of talking (Don’t know if there’s a proper phobia name for the last one.)
Patience Level: Normally stands around 97%. Exceptions are to those who severely annoy him.
Self-esteem: HAHAH what self-esteeem?
Hobbies/Interests: You guys should know these by nowwww.

Color- Black.
Food- Give him a steakbowl and he’ll be happy.
Place- School, or any place he can be alone.
Animal- Mythological; Dragon --- Realistic; Wolf
Clothing- Either what he’s wearing, or a simple, black vest hoodie with a pair of cargo shorts and slippers.
School Subject- Language Arts/History/Art
Music (genre)- Spreads through all genres.
Books (genre)- Primarily adventure, sci-fi, and mystery; at times horror and romance.
Season- Winter
Time of Day- Late evening/other dark times of the day.
Holiday- New Years (For a sort of ‘new start’)

Least Favorites:
Color- The majority of bright colors. Some exceptions.
Food- He isn’t too picky.
Place- Home, the majority of the time.
Animal- Unknown.
Clothing- He respects the majority of all clothing equally.
School Subject- Math
Music (genre)- Country (Though makes exceptions)
Books (genre)- Not genre-specific, though tends to dislike crossovers (But, once again, makes exceptions from time to time.)
Season- Summer
Time of Day- Daytime
Holiday- His birthday, if it counts as a holiday.


A brief description of your character’s history:
Long-term Goals: …
Short-term Goals: …
What does he/she think of him/herself?: …He hates himself.
If he/she could have one wish, what would it be?: Just to be truly happy.
What other wishes does he/she have?: Many.
How did your character die if they did?: More than likely by sacrificing himself for a friend or loved one.
Belongings: Quite a few instruments, located around his room. Also has several necklaces that he cherishes.
Prized Possession: An expensive, silver cross necklace given by his mother; a black acoustic guitar engraved with a white, fancy design. (Was given by his father before his passing.)
Religion/Beliefs: Catholic
Political Preference: Doesn’t care for politics, despite being of noble/royal blood.
Darkest Secret: …Usually wishes he were dead? HAH I DUNNO.
Guilty Pleasures: …I’d fill this in if I didn’t think wrong when I read the words “Guilty Pleasures.” B]
Does he/she keep a diary or journal?: Yep.

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