Paynal Picture

This is Cuetzpalin Paynal, the Cuetzpalin form of William Mattoni, the CUETZPALIN Mythos' protagonist, in its earlier installments (that take place in 4908 a.X/2008 a.I, when he was about 14 years old). He has the Chicoacolli Tepoztli Tepoztopolli (Curved Metal Spear) guarded on his back, and carries a machine gun and a Macuahuitl as weapons. The Cuetzpalin kind, originally from Aztlán, has lived in the planet of Tredius centuries before, among the peoples near Mexico and central america, but the individuals of such species have decreased much since the spanish occupation of the Americas, in part, due to a trick orchestrated by the spirit of darkness, Tupaq. That's because the Cuetzpalin from Aztlán, many more centuries before, have developed the only weapons able to defeat the centzonmimixcoa, the elite of the Ors Ohorela army which Tupaq himself led. While it helped Tupaq both because of vengeance and the carrying of his plan (the destruction of the universe), it's effectiveness on the christianization and later humanization of the american peoples has made it easier for the petty and pathetic authorities of the clergy, of the european metropolis' kingdoms, all which would be later carried on by the bourgeois and their new system of defense, the United Nations and the Army.

The Cuetzpalin kind has fallen into forgetfulness by most, but not by the Huacastecs, a group of outcasts who descends from the Mexica, that has moved to the southern islands of Xoctepec. Still keeping their native, non-christian faith, they believed the old patron of the Mexica, Huitzopoca, would send a messenger - Paynal - to save them from the dire times which they were suffering, as each day more of their warriors died in struggles against woodcutters, great enterprises, landlords and all those who were defended by the laws of the United Nations because were either working for or being those whose money can afford rights to them. And amidst such battles, often unseen in the big cartel media networks, a young anarchist received the power of becoming a Cuetzpalin. Aware of what that meant to the Huacastec faith, he began by making himself the violent liberator they needed, and making sure no law would prevent him from releasing the land from the landlords, and all land workers who side with the landlords. That would certainly make him not only an enemy of the law and its gigantic, over-corrupted system, but also of the people that the left-wing parties internationally sought to have at their side.

This is another drawing from my sketchbook, and is my 200th deviation.
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